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My new favorite thing
Sunday, July 31, 2011 | 12:59 am | Comment ⇢
Is to smell my new baby cousin's hair / back of neck.

Babies smell sooo good!

MashAllah .. really happy for her :)

Also .. Ramadan Kareem!!!

Alhamdullilah I got a chance at another Ramadan! InshAllah it goes well for us all :)

I'm a LPP
Friday, July 29, 2011 | 4:37 am | Comment ⇢
i.e. a Lazy Procreative Perfectionist.

Not a good match o.O

Means I need / want everything to be perfect, but am too lazy to do anything about imperfection, and a procreator so I take my time to do what needs to be done!

Comments are back up FFs .. so comment your heart out :)

Please please please let me know if something is wrong with the Disqus comment system or if you can't access it using my tag board :)

Its still not perfect, but I'm trying to sort everything out .. one at a time.

The only problem I have with it right now is that it still shows old blogger comments in the old blogger format, and has the disqus commenting system under it, like it feels detached and segregated :( there is a way (I think) of 'fixing' this .. but I don't want to take a risk as I'll end up losing all my comments if I do :(

Soooo .. I guess I'll learn to be happy with what I have!

PS - thank you guys for you patience, support and understanding :P now go have a bulimic word attack on all my newly commentable posts :)

PPS - Don't forget to give me feedback on the new Disqus commenting system I've installed please guys .. negatives and positives :) if you don't like it, I'll quickly change it back to blogger :)

Ciao for now xx

A dam for my mouth / mind
Wednesday, July 27, 2011 | 4:01 am | Comment ⇢
So I randomly (key word here folks!) get all these things I want to talk about, but I also don't want to overload and take a point from one or the other .. so I've decided to try and do scheduled posts :)

Like when I need to have a mind dump, I can go it but save it for later so all of my mental thoughts aren't flushed together and so there will be less congestion and blockage :) hopefully it will also highlight the dump of the day (if any) because sometimes the message just gets hidden under piles of fresh dump!

Psst .. I really must stop with all the bowel images .. I just can't help it .. I need to filter myself. I need a dam!!!

Good night / morning all :)

My Religion is Private
| 3:43 am | Comment ⇢
I'm a very private person in regards to my religion. I don't talk about it / discuss it, etc. I feel that religion is private and between me and God, so I don't really feel comfortable publicizing it.

Perhaps this is kind of wrong, because recently I have been getting involved with more religious / spiritual people and talking to them about shared experiences, and I feel like this has helped me in strengthening my own faith alhamdullilah.

But I don't know .. I still feel like religion for me is private, and I'll keep it that way. I suppose I don't want to get into debates (with non-believers as well as Muslims following different madhabs, etc.) as for me it would take from the actual religion itself. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against knowledge. In fact I think we need to increase our knowledge, and in certain circumstances that is only possible when we participate in discussion for greater understanding. But I feel like I don't have the know how to truly get into things. I'm all for reading up about things and asking questions, as for the constant questioning / finger pointing / point proving / evidence, etc .. its just not my cup of tea.

I'm not ashamed of my religion of course! Like I can go on and on about Allah, Islam and how its helped me get greater peace, etc, etc. Praises yay, criticisms, nay. Does that make me weak? I don't know .. I just know that I believe what I believe, and if someone has different believes than me that's fine too .. as long as they let me do my believing in peace.

I don't wear hijab yet .. though really, it can be argued that hijab = modest dressing and I think I dress pretty modestly .. but thats a discussion for another time. Anyway so when people first meet me, they can't automatically place me into little boxes of ethnicity / religion, etc. If someone asks, I'll tell them I'm Muslim, but people generally know that I'm spiritual once they talk to me a bit. I won't tell them I'm Muslim unless they ask. Idk why .. but I've experienced that when they finally do find out, almost all of them are like WOW really? But you don't have a turban and aren't violent! Lolol, okay so they stopped at the WOW really bit .. but they probably think that.

But its good yaknow .. they are getting to know REAL Muslims, not just the ones they show on TV. Muslims are 'normal' too .. whatever that is. And I think thats why they get so shocked because I'm normal (relatively) but also a Muslim. Like the two are somehow mutually exclusive :/

Anyway so I guess what I'm trying to say is, by keeping my religion private, I'm letting people know me before making baseless assumptions based on my religion. And hopefully I'm changing their perceptions of Muslims and the breaking the assumptions that they make :)

Two of my good friends, one is an Atheist and the other is .. well he doesn't really care. Anyway they got really interested in Islam and were asking me questions about it and I got really excited. Okay so I haven't quite gotten them to convert levels (one day haha .. girl can dream?) but at least they want to learn about the real Islam :) its all good in the hood .. except I get really worried that I'm not conveying the correct Islamic message (lack of knowledge and all) so am not utilizing their interests :(

All in good time .. I can only talk passionately about what I believe in, and why I do what I do .. and hopefully from that, they can learn something real about our wonderful religion :)

I'm High
Tuesday, July 26, 2011 | 10:19 pm | Comment ⇢
So I'm generally a very smiley giggly dopey kind of person. In fact I've had classmates, friends and even teachers (and my family on a few occasions) actually seriously think I was on drugs lolol.

I think its nice, to be easily entertained. But I'm not liking the dopey aspect so much .. because, well .. I don't want to be dopey lol. Like its affecting my memory and what not, like today, just now in fact, I had a plan on what I was going to write about in this post. And I've TOTALLY forgotten the point. In like literally 2 minutes. Opps. And secondly, there are quite a few girls, who do the whole *giggle giggle OMG I'm so stupid, aren't I super cute aweee* thing .. and because I'm all giggly giggly, and in real life dopey, sometimes I'm like OMG please don't think I'm hitting on you and being a fake girly girl o.O

But anyway .. well, as I just said, I kinda forgot what I wanted to say about this whole post. So I'll just say this: I went to see my recently married friend today. And we were watching her wedding video .. and aww, they are just so adorable :D like I couldn't stop smiling at them (and I'm really not a girly type of person and PDA usually makes me go bleughh) .. like you could proper see the love in between them :) so inshAllah I'll pray that they have a long happy life together mashAllah :)

Also, I can't waiiit till Ramadan! Like alhamdullilah I've been fasting all of them since I was a kid, and its a big thing in our family (and the Muslim population in general) but I feel this year is more special, because I've become more spiritually aware of things :D so yay, bring on Ramadan!

Lolol, I don't know how I'll be feeling after the first fast though :P 17.5 hours yo!!! Good luck all :)

PS - yes I know, the commenting thing is still kind of messed up .. hopefully it will be back up soon! Till than, I hope ya'll are doing amazing :D

Peace and love (and excessive psycho smiling)

lil-bee x

Monday, July 25, 2011 | 11:40 pm | Comment ⇢

I chirpsed my mum
| 10:17 pm | Comment ⇢
Cos I is a charming playah ;)

Sunday, July 24, 2011 | 5:59 am | Comment ⇢

So ya'll know I've been pondering about the hijaab for a while now. I wear it when I go to mosques / religious gatherings, but its mostly been just a normal covering over my head. I've recently been looking up on all things fashionable hijab (okay really, that is kind of besides the point, but anyhow) and asking my friend to show me how she does it and how she accessorizes it, etc.

Anyway .. when I'll start wearing it, I don't know .. there are some issues I'm having with it and my parents. Anyway, that is for another post / older post elaboration (something I promise I'll do soon! Um .. TRY to do soon?) .. but I was thinking, I love music! And I know Islamically you shouldn't really be listening to music .. but lets take it one step at a time yeah?

So .. what about headphones / earphones? Like the other day I tried to shove my earphones while wearing hijab, and it was kinda difficult. I usually like wearing my headphones from Sennheiser, but they are kinda MASSIVE. Will it look kinda silly? Well I wear trainers with my dresses (and totally pull it off, I have awesome trainers!) and don't care what people think .. but hijab is a bit more sensitive nah? Like, won't other hijabi's look at me and go wtf because I'm listening to music on my big fat headphones even though its haraam? :O

Meh, idk. Maybe I'll do this. Maybe I'll get another pair of big-but-not-too-big headphones like these from Marc Jacobs? Special story behind Marc Jacobs too ;) or maybe I'll just struggle with my earphones. Bleh.

What do ya'll think?

| 5:27 am | Comment ⇢
I passed my second year at university :)

So now I'm a final year Economics undergraduate, going to be a graduate very soon (in a year) inshAllah.

Results were .. not what I expected, but certainly what I deserved from all my 'hard work' .. in fact better than I deserve. I wish I did better than I did, but I really didn't work for it, and kind of pissed up my future. So Alhamdullilah for everything anyway, and everything happens for a reason so .. :)

Bring on the next year! And post-graduation after that inshAllah!

Lets try humanity
| 1:59 am | Comment ⇢
For a change.

"Jews that support multiculturalism today are as much of a threat to Israel and Zionism (Israeli nationalism) as they are to us. So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists, against all cultural Marxists/multiculturalists." - Anders Behring Breivik, a Norwegian Zionist Terrorist with links to the EDL.

The man was a Christian Fundamentalist who hated Muslims.

My condolences of course, to those who have lost their lives. The Youth Camp was pro-Palestine and perhaps this is why they were targeted.

What happened should not have happened, but this opens up discussion about terrorism, the word in itself and how its been manipulated by the West to promote Islamophobia and reserved just for Muslims.

When the attack initially happened, everyone pointed the finger at Muslims, radical Islam and A-Q.

A part of me is relieved that the perpetrator was not Muslim.

You see, the problem is not religion, but people and their extremist beliefs.

Whats interesting is however, that the mainstream media was not calling this man a terrorist. Even the 'liberal' newspaper NY Times initially analysed the attack as being influenced by Muslims. However, when it was revealed that the attacker was in fact a white Christian supremacist, his terrorist title was snatched away to give way to mentally disturbed. It seems as if terrorism and Islam are inherently put together and seen as mutually inclusive. Anything else, not terrorism.

As Maz Hussain put it: "Whether something is "terrorism" is solely a function of who did it" .. or more specifically, solely a function of if a Muslim did it.

This article by Glenn Greenwald is really interesting. A good read about the media's (mis)perception (perhaps intentional) of Muslims even today.

But as TLS pointed out in his recent article: here, perhaps us Muslims aren't all too innocent in this stereotype regarding terrorism.

Ask yourselves, what is the first thing / word / image / etc which comes into your minds when you hear the word terrorism?

Maybe we need to address that amongst ourselves and hopefully the Western media will follow. This might stop the whole self-fulfilling prophecy (recent case not withstanding) that's been going on around terrorism and Muslims.

Kawaii :D
Friday, July 22, 2011 | 10:36 pm | Comment ⇢
Lots of things make me smile, but today it was this :D what makes you smile??

| 8:33 pm | Comment ⇢
I saw the news about Norway and the bombings and shootings :(

Hope you're okay!

Also, how stupid? The first thing they said was that they suspect its a Muslim convert. Sheesh -.-

Tree Paints!
| 3:58 am | Comment ⇢
So today I looked up at the sky / sideways and got all excited looking at an orange tree. It looks so beautiful mashAllah, and than I realized it was the sun light, as the sun was slowly setting for the day, and the rays proper made the tree look bright orange :D

I'll try and post a picture or something .. but it was so beautiful :D

Just Shut Up & Sit Down!
| 2:18 am | Comment ⇢
Disclaimer: bitch fest ahead.


I'm gonna be bitchy. But this girl has been getting on my nerves for like the past 3 months.

She seems to be under the disillusion that she's God's gift on earth. Yes yes, I know .. this is a bit kettle-pot, coming from Cocky Narcissist numero uno. But still .. like, there is an art to whoredom, and bullshitting. And if you don't respect the art, I won't respect you!

Like okay, she posts the same 7 photographs of her, on our group page .. every bloody month. Like without fail. Same exact photographs. No one even comments on them or says shit. Just stop? GET THE HINT?

And like, she keeps saying shit about how everyone hits on her, and how she's so stressed, because she can't go ANYWHERE without getting hit on. Um .. maybe she thinks that when she stands in corners and people ask her how much, its like getting hit on. No sweetie, just no.

And she makes awkward comments. Like basically making it out that she's some easy slut. This is her latest strategy to get attention. Such as earlier, she was saying how she wishes she had some skills in life to pay for stuff .. and than she said how she does have a very good skill, but its illegal, but would pay loads and is fun. Basically saying she's a prostitute.

Like UGH. More than the fact that she's harping on and on about herself (when no one gives a shit, clearly), I'm more annoyed by her pathetic need for attention and assurance from other people, mainly other guys.

Be your own woman, why are you playing yourself out to be a piece of sex meat, why should anyone respect you, when you don't even respect yourself?

Harping on and on and on about how the whole world fancies her. Bruv, is the whole world blind? Have our standards disappeared?

Sometimes I just feel like slapping her with a wet fish (well I am Bengali) and screaming at her that if she was worth all the shit she spews out, she wouldn't have to try so hard to get some spare scraps of left over bones -.-

Just shut up and sit down!



Thursday, July 21, 2011 | 1:20 am | Comment ⇢
From O2. Well H2O actually ..

Cos when your thirsty, NOTHING tastes as heavenly as chilled water. Mmm.

I don't like mineral water though :( it tastes all bitter bleh.

I love the taste of London's water. In Birmingham, water tastes bitter :( and in Canada too, its too clean and bitter!

I like my water dirty thanks.

But mmm water. SO good.

| 1:11 am | Comment ⇢
Iranians .. mmm .. some of em might be kafir bastards, but damn they can melt butter!

Also .. koobideh kebab = win. Though the ones in London don't come close to the ones I had in Iran, there is this one restaurant in Mile End, East London which comes pretty darn close, and its cheap too :D

But anyway .. back to the topic of discussion. Iranians. Mmmmmmm.

Come to think about it, some Israelis are REALLY good looking too ..


Wednesday, July 20, 2011 | 6:42 pm | Comment ⇢
I've always had a thing for designing (Photoshop, publisher, Dreamweaver, HTML, etc), photography, art (glass painting, anime sketching, henna, make-up etc), music (singing in English & Bengali), drama and writing (short stories).

And I know a bit or two about ^em all .. but I do this thing, where I get all passionate and knowledge hungry and spend a lot of time sketching, or singing or something. And than I get bored and move on :P its kind of an annoying trait of mine, because I spent time on ^em regularly, I'd be good.

But bleh .. anyway right now I'm all hyped up over HTML designing and layouts :D I use this for my layouts and than I edit the fudge out of them .. well okay slightly, but I like scrounging the web for my own little tid bits and tweaking and what not.

I really wanna work on my singing and drama though, because those things excite me so much :D plus like apparently I'm funny too .. good mix? :D

I really really want to learn how to play an instrument too. My parents made me learn how to play the harmonium (Asian piano) when I was a kid, but than my teacher left and I never went to the new teacher, and I never really learned how to listen to tunes and make em out on the harmonium.

My dream instrument to learn to play would be the drums. I think drums are kick arse, and so rock. Plus I'm lazy, so unlike the guitar (such a cliche I think), I can sit down and play :D

But also, I wanna learn how to play the ukulele because its so cute and portable, and I like acoustic styles better than electrics :)

I LOVE Matt Bellamy. I think he's such a brilliant and talented musician, and I get all happy emotional teary whenever I see Muse live :D

Yeah going to concerts will be kind of awkward when I become a hijabi (inshAllah) .. but I guess I'll like wear a really tight undercap and pin up like crazy so it doesn't come off during the moshing :D or something :// but people might look at me all awkward, the lone hijabi haha. Oh wells .. worse comes to worse, I guess I could get seating tickets. Though I think the best and only way to enjoy rock concerts is to be part of the standing crowd.

Ach. Weird random post, digressing as usual. I guess I just wanted to share that I've been layout whoring instead of doing my work opps .. but its so fun, and exciting .. to think how you can change it and make it your own :D

I guess I've got this creative flair and tings because I'm like left handed (I know, how AWESOME?) and also a Leo .. yeah I rule the Sun 8-)

Muchos lurve as always :D

Lets just pause
| 6:29 pm | Comment ⇢

I don't know whats been going on, but I always end up leaving things for later .. till they grow into a HUGE pile mountain, and then when I finally try to decrease the pile and sort out the stuff that needs to be done, I get this overwhelming feeling that everything will fall down on me like jenga :O

And its like, sometimes I wish I had a pause button, so I could take my time and cross off items in my ever growing to-do list, because it keeps increasing every single day!

Like for example, my reading list on Google Reader .. has around 2000 posts I need to read from 30th June till today .. and it increases every day, as people post more stuff :O

And yeah I know I don't HAVE to read them .. but I'd like to. I WANT to.

So yeah, sorry for the lack of commentage or something .. I promise I'm working on reading whatever brilliance you've spouted out :P

Tuesday, July 19, 2011 | 9:24 pm | Comment ⇢

Can't waiiiiit!

Also, grr @ my cousin who stole my copy of Oblivion! GRRR!


Just upgraded my PS3's 40 GB hard drive with a 640 GB one :D


Something Cool
| 6:10 pm | Comment ⇢
I think so anyway ;)

Check my archives drop box on the upper west (left) side! :D

| 3:05 pm | Comment ⇢
My friend just told me how my link on his blog, where it shows the blogs he follows .. doesn't work :(

Its not something he added on by himself, it just shows the blogs he follows .. so I thought the URL would be updated automatically.

But its not :(

I don't know how it works .. I mostly subscribe to blogs using Google Reader, while some I follow using Blogger. I thought it was the same thing? Apparently not :O

Opps .. means all the gazillion people I follow don't even know I follow them! But I do! :)

As for the missing URL issue .. I don't know what's going on, or if you guys need to follow me again or something :(

Hey You!
| 5:59 am | Comment ⇢
New layout. Stayed up all night working on it for the last 7 hours ish.
Found a template, went icon hunting, uploaded everything, edited the codes a gazillion times, fixed everything to look nice and finally went through with the change!

Pretty simple .. navigation wise. And bit easier on the eyes :P

Hope you like! Because I LOVE :)

PS - feel free to provide constructive criticism!

A New Beginning .. again?
| 3:27 am | Comment ⇢
Hey fierce (thats Tyra for awesome) followers,

You may have noticed that I changed my blog title a while ago. If you haven't already, notice now .. that I've also changed my blog URL to reflect the new blog title.

I know some of my old pre-widget-times followers have bookmarked my page, and they will lose out and freak out (lol) .. but I think most people who regularly read my bullshiz will know where to get their hit ;) but since I've altered my blogger username as well, I thought this was a good time to update the URL too.

As I'm changing in life, my perspectives are changing too. And it is (hopefully) being reflected in my blog as well. And while I started off with this blog as a rant-space, I think I'm more lil-hapbee (geddit) than lil-beeyotch now a days. But where ever in life I am, I think being random is an integral part of me and something I'll always channel, so I thought I'd keep it all based on randomness.

I'm a bit of a womanizer and manizer (halal meat only, don't worry haha) so I thought the play on words of random and womanizer, and randomizer was fun. Plus I've got a little connection to the statistical term as well so .. welcome to :)

As for the alteration in my name .. well, some nice people felt uncomfortable calling me a lil beeyotch (bitch) way back when, and would refer to me as lil-b. And since I'm less of a beeyotch, and also not using beeyotch-ness as the focal point of my blogdentity (I'm on a roll behbeh) .. I thought I'd shorten it to lil-bee. Even though I HATE bees. I thought it would be cute. Plus it could like stand for lil-begum. But it would still be me, since I've been using this blogdentity for ages and ages and ages!

Finally, (yes, yes I promise this informative and boring post will end after this final note) .. I'm thinking of changing up my layout and stuff too! I love this layout, we've had some good times. And I've invested a lot of time over tweaking and perfecting all the HTML codes .. but I think its time for a change .. something SLIGHTLY more adult. Slightly. Very very slightly. And I've got some good long term (ish) ideas for the new layout too :D

I'm working on personalizing the codes as we speak, so I'll leave the rambling for now. Just thought I'd let my FFs (fierce followers) know whats up .. cos I'm thoughtful like that ;)

Muchos lurve, as always.

Ze one and only .. lil-bee x

Geek Lessons #1
| 3:20 am | Comment ⇢
Hey kidlings!

You may have noticed / realized that I'm a geek. If you didn't know, now you know.

So I thought I'd have little geek rants, lessons, wishes, etc .. because everyone has a inner geek ;)

Lesson today is about customizing / personalizing the little Blogger (or other) icon you can see next to the address bar.

I used the simple instructions available here to find out more about favicons (their official term oo-er) and how to set one up.

I used this to create my favicon from my image file.

And for uploading the favicon file, I used tinypic because the other image hosting files I usually use could not recognize the ico file format.

Hope this was helpful, happy geeking!

Google Thyself
Monday, July 18, 2011 | 5:18 am | Comment ⇢
Okay. Maybe this isn't always a good thing. But do it!

Related to the reflection post I made earlier ... but you might get shocked over the stuff flying around the net about you!

So .. search, and delete - delete - delete! :)

Or not .. yaknow. Whatever. :P

Okay, sorry .. I'm in a giddy mood. It is because I am talking to someone.

Ah. I'm going to shut up before the haram police show up.

No in fact I am going to shut up talking to someone also. I need to sleep. Its past 5 am .. yallah!

Ramadan soon.

Wow, I'm giddy stupid right now ..

I know something you think I don't .. but I do, I do, I do, I do, ooooo.

Okay, I'm totally not being malicious though! I don't think I am a malicious person :(

Also .. OMG OMG OMG, I'm getting to try out Google+ thanks to my cousin/friend inviting me :D and I love it!

Mirror Mirror On The Wall
Sunday, July 17, 2011 | 6:09 pm | Comment ⇢

I recently saw how my actions are reflected in reactions from other people. Its a very shameful and humbling experience. Want to elaborate on this at some point, so I'm posting a self-reminder!

Also, apologies for the lack of posting .. I've been CRAZY busy :(

Thursday, July 07, 2011 | 4:16 am | Comment ⇢
So I just finished praying Fajr prayers and went to the toilet when all of a sudden I heard some weird loud buzzy noise. I was proper perplexed about why my phone is vibrating at this hour .. and than I realized it was my mum snoring LOL

Reminds me of the time when I was at my cousin / adopted Muslimic goddaughter's house and me and her mum were jamming downstairs when I heard this weird meowing noise. I was like to my aunt (she's younger than my other aunts so we have a more friendly / jokey relationship, plus I'm like that and so is she so its not one of those typical aunt/niece relationships) omg did you guys get a cat? Do you think a cat got into the house and is now meowing??!

And my aunt was like OMG that's Baby A crying (my cousin was around 4 or 5 months at that time) and I was like oh I got scared that it was a cat. And my aunt was all fake offended that I called her baby a biral (bengali word for cat) :D

| 3:56 am | Comment ⇢
This poem is well cool :D

Hope you like it as much as I did :)

Remember me in death
| 2:54 am | Comment ⇢
This is kinda sad :(

I hope that if I died in life, at least SOME people would notice and pray for my soul inshAllah :/

The One!
Tuesday, July 05, 2011 | 11:01 pm | Comment ⇢
Nope, not the perfume .. though that one's nice too :D

But but but .. laydies .. go out and find your THE ONE.

Your red duh. No mandems.

Everyone has a red colour for them. So once you've gone and find the perfect shade of red for you .. that red is your THE ONE. And you two will live happily ever after :D

I don't know .. I think something about the Asian skin tone makes red kind of unflattering on us (I'm talking make up). Like I always felt like I look like a low class hooker (because being a high class hooker is better duh) when I tried on red nail paint or lippy.


I found the perrrfect shade of red nail paint, and red lippy. And now I'm a happy bunny :D now I just need a pair of Louboutins to complete my set of red lippy, red nails, and red Miu Miu :D

Clothing has to be non-red duh. You don't wanna end up looking like some matched up freak :O

Anyway, my red lipstick shade is Pleasure Me Red from Maybelline and I got a funky red nail paint too from 17 called Baked Cherry :D oh also, I found this super cheap clear matte top coat, also from 17 .. and its basically a clear top coat (no shiz) which you put on top of any nail polish and it makes them look matte :D so nice .. and cheap!

PS - yeah, I'm totally a 'boy' but I love my make up .. and bags .. and shoes .. o.O

| 3:52 am | Comment ⇢

That would be SUCH a kick ass ability to have. Plus Hiro Nakamura is totes YATTAH :)

Kudos if you got any of that :P

Anyway gosh, I haven't posted in a .. day?! But I've got sooo much to tell. Well kinda. Not really. Just some ideas going in my head, some stuff I wanted to talk about.

Soon soon, I should sleep now :)

BUT, before I go. I've been thinking about this for a while, and I just read in a sister's blog about sins. Islamically we should not reveal our sins to others. I think this makes total sense. Forgetting the bragging, etc .. the reason why I think it makes sense is that, it desensitizes you.

Speaking about your sins to others, kind of eradicates the severity of it, and makes it seem more acceptable. For example:

Person A: "So are you religious?"
Person B: "What do you mean?" (more on this on another post another day InshAllah)
P.A: "As in do you pray, etc."
P.B: *with some regret / shame* "Well you know, I try to. But unfortunately I don't pray 5 times a day. I think I'm religious, I believe in everything, but I just don't practice all the time."
P.A: *consoling* "Oh don't worry man. As long as you have the belief and aren't doing anything majorly haram. I also don't pray 5 times a day, I try to but what can you do? Life gets in the way y'know?"

Well .. I've been in that situation before. I'm sure the brother / sister means well, trying to console you. And hey, I'm not going to say just believing and not doing haram things are enough. What is a good Muslim anyway? Like I can never ever make that judgement.

But even though his / her heart is in the right place, by P.A revealing his sins of not praying 5 times a day, and by P.B trying to make P.A feel better and revealing his sins, they kind of lessened the seriousness of the matter you know?

Like sometimes I think about my Muslim friends who do stuff like drink, and I do that haram thing of judging them and thinking hey I might not wear hijab but at least I don't drink. But thats not the point. I'm still doing a sin, and its still bad. I might perceive drinking as being worse than not wearing a hijab, but only Allah can judge us and our goodness. You get into the mindset that its not as bad as someone else's sins, or that others are repeating your sins so its not too bad.

But this isn't some examination where standards are set by the average pupil. Out of 100 'bad' Muslims, Allah won't see that you are at least not as bad as them. We will be judged individually, not according to what other Muslims are or aren't doing.

So yeah. Not revealing your sins, kinda makes sense to me.

Anyway gotta run .. the sun is up, and if I don't sleep before it gets higher, I won't be able to sleep at all!

Happy 4th of July.

YAY. This is the day us Brits got freedom from trying to civilize those darn Americans. Woohoo :P

Sunday, July 03, 2011 | 1:42 am | Comment ⇢
So you Londoners out there .. or anyone who has been to Edgware Road might have seen, or been in one of these restaurants called HALAL.

Yup. That is the actual name of the restaurant. Halal.

So I got dared by my friend to go in and ask them if their meat is halal, and I sometimes have an American twinge in my accent .. and so I pop my head in, look at the doner man and with a serious face donned on, I ask him:

'Excuse me, is your meat halal?'

The man looks bewildered, as if I have asked him if they sell Gucci handbags. He looks at his accomplice, doner assistant man. They look at each other, and look at me in alarm.


'Your meat. Is it halal? Do you have halal meat here? Is this restaurant halal?'

They do the bewildered look again. This time with Arab anger. And they replied:

"No have" .. reinforced with shaking heads.

'Ok okay' .. disappointed look.

And than doner assistant man pipes up:

"Yes Halal".

Damn .. I must be scary? o.O I did have crazy bird nest hair .. or maybe it was my two skinny friends laughing hysterically outside the glass window shop front during the whole 3 minutes this incident took over :O

Anyway, if you happen to be in Edgware Road, grab a bite at Beirut Express who are still part of the Maroush Monopoly going on at E.Road (3.5 out of 5 restaurants are owned by them) but relatively cheaper, and have awesome wraps :D

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Okay. I'll probably get bollocks for this post. But it needs to be said.

Muslims bro. Why are we so sensitive?!

Yes, I know anti-discriminatory laws are here for a reason. And yes, I'd totally back someone who got fired for discriminatory reasons.

I'm against the hijab ban. That's taking away a freedom of right. Freedom to choose our religion, and what we do in our free time.

But c'mon now. Some jobs are based on certain guidelines. Like modelling. You can't exactly want to model, and wear a hijab. Of course you can do hijabi modelling (err ..) .. but its just how the industry is.

Discrimination on looks. Certain industries need it. And rightfully so. Like for instance, if some spotty person was the model for a spot treatment cream .. who would buy it? Clearly it doesn't work, since the model has spots. So it makes sense, that advertising agencies would pick models with clear skin. Some jobs are based on looks. While others on skills.

Likewise, Airline companies have specific uniforms. Stewardesses for instance have a hell of a job. My cousin is a stewardess, and they have strict guidelines about a person's look / weight, etc .. and even dictate to them what lipstick shade they need to wear (and this is Qatar Airways)!

The world is superficial. But it has a right to be what it wants. Freedom of expression, or whatever.

Seriously. They get dismissed if they get fat. Or all of a sudden have bad skin they can't cover up with make up. Its a job based on looks. And while that is unfortunate, it kind of makes sense too, because that is what the industry is about. Looks and presentation are a huge part of customer service and front house work.

A&F (mmm) for instance, employ people based on looks.

Its like when a restaurant has a right to deny services to whom they wish to. Its their establishment, and if someone is causing trouble, they have a right to deny service.

Of course I'm not saying that those rights aren't abused by people. Sometimes people are denied entrance because the restaurant manager is a racist prick who hates black people.

Just saying.

Anyway. I think Muslims sometimes get too sensitive over issues, and everything is labelled as being Islamaphobic. Don't get me wrong .. sometimes it is.

But really .. if a headscarf isn't part of the airline uniform .. its not part of the airline uniform. I'm sure if a Jew wanted to wear a kippah, they would be asked to remove it too. And its not just religious dress codes that are being 'discriminated' against. The same rule applies to someone with a lot of facial piercings or tattoos for example. They would be asked to remove their piercings, or remove themselves from the job.

In the same way, non-Muslims who want to work for Iran Air HAVE to wear headscarfs, because that is their uniform. Wouldn't it be right that a person who refuses to wear headscarf (and therefore go against the company uniform) be fired too?

Its something the woman who got fired probably should have expected. Sure, Air France should apologize if they have behaved rudely with her, and apologize that they have to fire her. But I don't think they should apologize for asking her to adhere to their uniform. Its just their company policy.

Sure, Air France and its owners might be racist and hate Muslims. But in terms of employment law .. well it makes sense that they'd fire a hijabi if the hijab conflicts with their stewardess uniform.

Maybe they should have offered her a back of house job or something.

Anyway .. we need to relax, and stop screaming Islamaphobia at everything single thing.

Call me a bitch. :/

Do you like my big giant cock?
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Do you? Do you?

I swear, this link is halal.

And this story is wicked funny :D

(Thanks NiO .. now I can't stop saying wicked :P)

Set as Background Picture
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My cousin is my therapist. He thinks if Freud was alive, he's get a raging .. well you know, because I'm all the mental 'diseases' packed into one :D well I don't like the word diseases .. I prefer quirky unique good crazy weirdness :D

But anyway .. some background information:

1. I'm a British Bengali (not from Sylhet)

2. I'm a heterodox Development Economist

3. I'm a Sunni-Sufi Muslim with some Shi'ism thrown into the mix (we're spiritual I would say .. not hard core Sufism, but my family and ancestors have a long history of following it, Shi'ism because we also follow / love the Ahlulbayt, Sunni .. I think we practice  in its terms otherwise? .. Hybrid / Pick & Mix Muslim?!)

I don't know. I guess if I wanted to categorize my posts, I don't personally see a link. But those three things, I suppose, are an important part of me .. and so my posts might be influenced by them.

And I know a lot of people have a problem with 3.

So I'm putting it out there. Just so you know. And can excuse yourself if you are so inclined. :)

Not so private :O
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I'm just going to say .. HI NEW FOLLOWERS! :)

Thank you for following me ..

But .. okay, I know some of my followers are Islam orientated .. and some of my posts are .. kind of haraam.

SO .. I just want to apologize if I offend. And also, I won't stop following you, or mind if you stop following me :P

So you know .. just so its out there :)

Oh India
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Funny stuff :D

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