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Random Question #1
Sunday, November 27, 2011 | 8:42 pm | Comment ⇢
Don't fear, or get happy .. lil-bee's Random Tidbits haven't seen the last of the day (I have heaps more waiting to be elaborated in my draft pile) nor am I back from my self imposed exile .. but I did have some random questions floating around in my head (as I do) and so I thought I'd do a new segment of lil-bee's RQs for my blog :)

Simple (to an extent) and random questions that I've been craving the answers to .. so help me find the light, circulate these questions to those who can (individual post pages / URLs can be found by clicking on 'leave comment' whereby you will be taken to the post page), etc.

So without much further ado ...

So you're newly married (or having first time sleep overs, etc) .. basically its the morning after *cinedramatic music* .. so thats the scene set. Now there are two parts of the question .. you can answer both, or either part .. doesn't really matter.

A. You have morning breath and your partner in crime .. erm, bed, just rolls over and is inching their nose (and face) dangerously close to yours to get in on some morning tongue action. How do you slyly stop em without revealing your gross secret? And no, it doesn't matter if it doesn't matter to them, because it clearly matters to you.

B. In order to avoid the above scenario, and to avoid general freaking out from to your just-woken-up face / hair / whatevs, you wake up bright and early to fix yourself before your partner wakes up. So you've got flawless barely there make up, hair that doesn't resemble a beehive revolution gone bad (hah) and nice clean breath. You jump back into bed and pretend you're just waking up when your partner wakes up, rolls over and is inching their nose (and face) dangerously close to yours to get in on some morning tongue action. How do you slyly stop em from kissing you before drinking (gargling) the glass of water you have considerately placed next to them on the bedside table? How do you get them to drink it in the first place? And no, it most definitely does matter .. because I'm pretty sure it will matter to them if you gag and push them off after they've kissed you with their morning breath.

So help a sister out, or share your horrible stories! I look forward to reading em :) ciao for now

Ze von & onlee .. lil-bee

Whiney little ...
Monday, November 21, 2011 | 2:45 am | Comment ⇢

I literally had no plans to do this. But I just had to let it out.

Why do guys whine about being good guys and finishing last?! Yes yes, I know .. women are stupid and get involved with the wrong kind of men. But good guys .. seriously .. stop whining! Yes, women are stupid .. but surely that stupidity is up to them to have? Really .. they don't need you to lecture them about how they need to respect themselves and how you are so much more better for them. Cos you know what? Maybe they don't want better. Maybe they want what isn't good for them. Ever think about that? Let them make their own mistakes, and learn .. or NOT learn if they don't want to, from their mistakes.

And girls who bitch about being treated like shit by the jerks you're dating? Well .. quit dating jerks and you can expect some non-jerkish behaviour. Don't expect to change guys .. don't expect to change anything full stop. Cos the only think you can change is you .. so lets work on what we can, instead of pondering the what-ifs of what we can't.

At the end of the day .. male or female, heterosexual or homosexual .. sit down and shut up! Or actually do something about the situation instead of whining like a little female dog. (Yeah, I didn't want to swear and than I realized that I already did :/)


I'm still breathing!
Saturday, November 19, 2011 | 10:52 pm | Comment ⇢
Hey FFs,

I know, I'm horrible. I'm suffering from yet another word vomit famine, as you can tell. Super sorry! But I did warn you from before :P

I am still alive and kicking it (though I don't know what exactly I'm kicking at?!) .. just super busy with life atm :(

I've got HEAPS of draft posts ... I'm not promising anything, but I will try (don't count on it) to type em up and set em up as scheduled posts at different intervals for your entertainment.

I've also got a huge reading list, I randomly read bits and bobs .. so sorry for not responding to your literary genius in a while .. I WILL get to it though .. after all, you've put in so much effort JUST for my viewing (err .. reading?!) pleasure ;) lolol.

Um .. I guess thats about it really! Hope ya'll are doing well :)

Btw, I randomly checked some blogs .. and a lot of you are missing :( :( what gives man?! Some have privatized their blogs, some have closed em down, some have missing URLS .. what the eff? COME BACK YOU FREEKS!

Seriously .. I miss you :(

Hermia .. an amazing chick with an amazing blog .. that unfortunately she was forced to make private and eventually shut down due to stalkers :( such a loss :(

CFJ .. giiirl, I know you got anonymous hate about who you are and who you might have been pretending to be .. but eff it! I miss you dude :( come back! Who cares what people say or think? I'm with ya!

& Ovais .. well not quite (THANK GOD) but you almost did close down dude! Don't do that you selfish git!!! Lol, seriously though, I'll miss you as I'm sure a lot of other readers will too :)

And everyone else! Seriously, I'm getting to checking (haha rhyme) your posts .. so if some more of you are missing .. well, sad times :(

Random shout outs:

My pervy trio - Nasinder & NiO :)


TLS .. dude you're so hilarious :D I'm kind of annoyed that I haven't been able to make time to read your posts :( but I'll be swimming my way back to your page ASAP (I hope)


If I missed out on anyone .. or if you aren't feeling the love ... COME CLOSER AND OPEN UP YOUR SHIRTS .. um HEARTS! *transmits cyber love and other junk*

Also .. since I'm on the topic of shout outs .. I have a new shoutbox :) so shout away! Seriously .. its a bit lonesome in there :(

Muchos love & randomalities


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