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Wednesday, August 29, 2012 | 3:29 am | Comment ⇢

I've been watching this video on repeat for the last .. erm, undisclosed amount of time .. and sitting here grinning like a loony chicken :D


Sunday, August 26, 2012 | 5:39 am | Comment ⇢
I'm not getting married yet haha. But seeing as the hunt has sort of officially started / proposals are being considered kind of seriously by me .. I think its time to share them in a somewhat serious and time-lined manner so ya'll can impart your words of wisdom (or general useless but funny comments). That being said though .. okay I'll tell you a teeny tiiny secret .. I sort of met a guy & my parents are in the process of speaking to his parents, etc ... but since I don't wanna jinx it up by telling you about the wedding cake (LOL, not really .. as in not really I wouldn't gush about some stupidly expensive cake that I won't even get to enjoy plus Bengali weddings don't really have wedding cakes anyway sooo; not not really I don't think I'd jinx it up cos I think it could happen) ... maybe it won't be so time-lined! Of course I don't even know if I will get ever married :) it depends on what Allah has Willed for me .. but if this doesn't work out, maybe I'll tell you about him then?!

LOL what the hell. Thats like re-living a past break up and then getting all teary about it hah. Okay actually, another one that kinda didn't work out had me bummed out for a while, but since this whole shaadi business is kind of like the Red Queen going OFF WITH HIS HEAD and moving on to the next one, I'm actually totally over it now lol, though it is a bit awkward sometimes. Erm sorry its like 5:30 am and everything is coming out all jumbled and shit.

Anyway basically what I'm trying to say is, I'm not getting married .. but if I was, I'd tell you guys after I got married or somethin :P but while talks are going on, or I'm offing with some other head (I get what I'm saying .. which is all thats important anyway :P), I don't mind rehashing about the old head to get some insight, maybe not make the same mistakes with the current head?

Okay, ya'll just ignore all that. I really mostly write for myself cos I almost always look back at my mosts and all that mumbo jumbo made sense to me so all you need to know is I'm not getting married (yet / ever?!) but am in the process of finding my Mr Bee :) I'll share some thoughts and random tidbits and you can tell me what you wanna tell me .. or not?


Also, I just heard some kind of demonic cat like noise from the street (Astagfirullah) so I'm kind of scared and distracted :/

PS - some cringe stories coming up haha :D

Coming up after the break ..
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So I fixed my template (it was causing a few problems / cross-browser incompatibility issues) and also added a functioning search bar :D comments are still down and I'm missing 439 comments which haven't imported back from Disqus properly :( so I'm working on that still .. but since thats kind of out of my hand I'm pretty much free to update (well free if you don't count all the other countless shit I have to do) so I thought I'd give you a run down of upcoming things :D

1. Lets talk about sex marriage baby :P yeah I know, its like a totally overdone thing in some blogs but like I'm kind of super excited about it .. but also kinda scared obviously and I think I'd like to share my process cos I like looking back and smiling at myself :D (except my earliest posts .. I deleted a lot of them but some of them are still here and man I used to be some violent pissy person :O)  and also I think you people would be entertained, and also hopefully help me out / give me advice, etc :) I've got a few draft posts about this topic where I explain the process of arranged marriages in Bengali cultures (slightly different I think), the actual marriage and events in Bengali cultures, etc ... before moving on to my journey to find a buyer? LOL xP

2. I have heaps of beauty posts lined up as well (I can just see my male readers just shaking their heads) ... I know, I know, another overdone thing .. but I'm the type of person who likes reading in depth about stuff before I buy em .. and for make up anyway not all the products have swatches, and not all swatches are reflective of different skin tones sooo I think this might be helpful to someone?! Plus I saw some video swatches which I thought was so cool, so I might do that as well!

3. I have some skin care stuff to share as well :P (where is lil-bee and whats happened to her imaginary penis?!) [I think my liberal use of such terms is whats making a porn site my number 1] {I know, triple brackets! Math nuts .. go nuts ;)} ... ANYHOO so yeah, I just wanted to do this because I have mild eczema which itches like a bitch and stands out like a mofo .. erm okay its really not that bad Alhamdullilah but it used to annoy me and make me uncomfortable but ever since I started using Clarisonic, all my patches are gone so woohoo :D I wanted to share that & other skin stuff I use which have helped me and I think it would be helpful cos I know personally I gotta search if something is compatible to my skin conditions or not but not a lot of places have that information specific to extra dry and/or eczema kinda skin so yea (phew excess brackets and a super large grammar raping long sentence :O) [OKAY again with the terminology ... the referral thing is beginning to make sense to me!]. Anyway so I've got some stuff about creams I use, oils I use, face mists, face acids (yeah really), serums, etc, etc ... as well as how the Clarisonic helped me and some cleansers which are good for my skin and compatible with my Clarisonic!

4. MAN STUFF. Like not stuff about men but MANLY STUFF. I hope. Nothing planned but I need to do something to balance out all the female hormones going on with the posts above and bring back some beloved testosterone! Possibly stuff about technology / gadgets / codes / games / etc :)

5. RANDOM STUFF. Well .. duh? I have lots of random drafts saved up so I need to get to writing them up! While most are a few sentences about stuff I want to write about, I have a good 10 or so from my trip in Bangladesh last Eid .. and they are all written up and stuff. I was gonna put them up as scheduled posts, one a week .. but I kinda also wanna gush about the whole marriage stuff :P Idk, seeing as I plan and plan .. and rarely execute, I think its safe to just go ahead and schedule them into a weekly thing. Or daily thing. I don't know .. I don't wanna overindulge you lot :P WAIT AND WATCH!

ANYHOW .. wow that ended up being a long post! I usually stay up till Fajr and have nothing to do (well actually this is not true but I thought I'd use today's wait time to be a bit more productive) so maybe I'll use this time to write up the above .. then again, maybe not! Hope ya'll are happy and well, where ever you are! 

WTH (Porn Referral?!)
Saturday, August 18, 2012 | 8:35 am | Comment ⇢

I randomly decided to check stats. And my highest (phew, I had to spend a long time trying to think of a word with no puns and finally found it ^ .. well no sex puns anyway ://) referral site is a porn site? What the hell? Are people getting pop ups and other weird shit when they come on my blog? My template might be infected or some shiz :/// WHAT???

I'm slightly creeped out now :/

PS - Template is broken on some screens, will shortly return to default resolution (smaller width OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD BLOODY PUNS) .. I'm just gonna not talk. 

Comments Missing
Monday, August 13, 2012 | 9:46 am | Comment ⇢
I'm currently in the process of importing my comments back from Disqus to Blogger so don't worry if you commented somewhere ages ago and its not showing up, I've got the comments / they'll just take time showing up on Blogger while I sort shiz out! New comments on new template shouldn't be affected!

//Random Rambling

PS - During the whole before mentioned fiasco, I exported my comments on Disqus as an XML file, deleted all my comments there and on Blogger and was going to import and start fresh but the Disqus export wasn't recognising itself and so basically I lost all my 400 so comments :O I was sooo NERD-RAGE-ing all over the place & tried a lot of shit to get them back but it looked like a hopeless case. Anyway so I was comment-less for a good few months (6+?) when randomly one day, I decided to try and import my comments back again (for literally the zillionth .. ok ok, literally like the 39th time) and somehow it worked! I swear I had a mini nerdgasm right there lolol.


New Template & An Update
| 9:38 am | Comment ⇢
Hey guys!

1. So if you are readings this, welcome to the new template :) I decided to change my template, browsed around, picked this and then edited the hell out of it :P its pretty basic-ish but I like & hope you do too! There are some hidden tricks up this template's codey sleeves but one thing I integrated in the old template, which this one has as well, is the ability to view previous posts / newer posts instead of having to go through whole months of Archives. Bottom navigation bar, on the right, there should be an arrow (or two! Depends on what page you are in) & if you hover on them, you'll see that they are clickable arrows that should take you to older and newer posts! Anyway, let me know what you think :) comments are up as well, though back on the native Blogger commenting system for now (non-Bloggers can comment as Anon / Open ID). I've added the codes I used for some of the edits, scroll down to the next post if you want to see & let me know what you think of the new template :)

2. General update is that I'm still alive, if you hadn't noticed :P its not my geek ghost putting up all these codes ;D I've just been busy busy busy .. well not really, I've just been lazy lazy lazy and not doing all the busy crazy things I should be doing but anyhow so I basically have a lot of work (which I'm being lazy and not doing) and the recent fiasco that made me change my template (geek.rant) made me reluctant to post as well since I was using other services! But anyhow, maybe all in the past? I should be posting soon (soon as in lil-bee terms soon so maybe next year haha) .. hope all is well with ya'll, my lovely FFs

Ciao for now! xoxo

Hide Blogger Icon in Comments on Classic Template
| 9:17 am | Comment ⇢
Hey guys,

You know how when you post a comment on a Blogger blog, depending on how you authorised your ID (as your Blogger account, Open ID, Anonymous, etc) & the blog's HTML / Template, most of the time your Blogger profile pic (or other default picture such as the one for Anonymous users) appears next to your Commenter name / ID. Now knowing me as you should by now, I'm all about customising HTML to make everything fit in with my custom CSS. One of the things I was working on was disabling this icon so my post page only showed Comment Author and Comment / text only. I looked around a lot but didn't really find anywhere that let you do this easily for the Classic Template / custom HTML. Some code exists but this only works on the new Blogger, Classic Template doesn't accept any of the widget codes (as far as I know) but finally I found this site here that gave hope! However, I tried all these codes but they didn't work :( but then I realised I had to tweak them up a bit and got one to work! Thought I'd share as the original comments didn't really explain this 100% straight forward and wasn't a easy C&P so anyhow, hope this works for you!

1. Add this code to your CSS style section. I've added it right BEFORE the </style> code.

2. Add this code BEFORE your <$BlogCommentAuthor$> code or <$BlogCommentDateTime$> code, depending on your template.

3. Remember to close the code in 2. by adding </div> AFTER your <$BlogCommentAuthor$> code or <$BlogCommentDateTime$> code.

Basically it should be <CODE 2.><$BlogCommentAuthor$>OR<$BlogCommentDateTime$></DIV>

If you are tweaking your comments / using Classic Template / Blogskins, etc .. you should be comfortable with basic HTML and know to close the code tags anyway ;) but for n00b sake, here's an exact C&P from my template.

Blogger Comment Tags for Classic Template
| 8:26 am | Comment ⇢
Hey guys,

So as you know, I've had a lot of trouble with sorting out commenting on Blogger since I use the Classic Template and custom HTML edits. While the comment tags for the new blogger (with the widgets, etc) can be easily found online, I had trouble finding the codes needed for the HTML used in Classic Templates. I've already C&P-ed the code I found on a site to make the Disqus commenting system to work on the classic template, but since Disqus broke due to Google's Country Redirection update (bare rantage, look at previous posts), I reverted back to Blogger's native commenting system .. but had to search around and make sense of the limited answers to make the code/tag work on the Classic Template. Now obviously I'm a bit of a HTML addict so I could spend time hacking and changing this and that to make it work, but I know a lot of people would just get frustrated and give up so I thought I'd just C&P my comment code here. Hope it helps!

1. Make sure you have comments enabled in your settings. Check your blogger dashboard!

2. Copy and paste the following code where you want your comments to show up. This is typically AFTER the <$BlogItemBody$> code so you'll have a Comment link after your post. Make sure to have it BEFORE the </Blogger> code. Basically between <$BlogItemBody$> & </Blogger> codes.

Integrating the Disqus Comment System to the Classic Blogger Template
Sunday, August 12, 2012 | 12:30 am | Comment ⇢
EDIT: Google's Country Redirection Update breaks Disqus. Check this post to see how to fix it -> link. Also, the link to the page where I learned how to integrate Disqus onto the classic template no longer seems to exist. So I'm going to add the code I've added to my custom template to make it work. I take no credit for this work though, I got the code from the link (which at the time of writing no longer exists).


1. I've added this code AFTER the <head> code, right BELOW the <style type="text/css"> code. I don't know if it makes a difference where you place it, maybe as long as its after <head>?

2. I've added this code BEFORE the <Blogger> code starts / right ABOVE the </body> code.

Note: ^ Replace SITESHORTNAME with your Disqus Site Short Name. You should be able to find this in your Disqus settings. 

3. After the <Blogger> code where you have the codes for your posts, I've added this code BEFORE the </Blogger> code, right BELOW the <$BlogItemBody$> code. Where you put your code depends on your individual templates. Basically add the code AFTER <Blogger> and BEFORE </Blogger> and you should be fine. Again, replace SITESHORTNAME with your individual Disqus Site Short Name.


Hey FFs (if you don't know what this means you should really read the sidebar >.<),

So I've been wanting to try out the Disqus system for my comments .. but as you know, my blog template was done before Blogger updated the default blog system and so integrating widgets have been particularly hard :/

Anyway, as you FFs should know by now, the geek in me don't give up that easy .. so I searched around, tried different methods and FINALLY got a way to make it work.

And because I'm such an aesthetic whore, I'm sorting out all my old comments and importing them all to Disqus so everything is under one system :)

So what I'm trying to say is .. SHUT UP .. lolol joke. But I have disabled comments for the moment and this is the reason why. I'm hoping everything will be sorted out in the next 48 hours, but till then if you really really need to get something off your chest, you can use my tagboard :)

^Off Topic: I was thinking of getting rid of my tagboard after Disqus gets sorted out. Idk, it doesn't really have any moderation and has been used for spamming. But maybe I'll leave it for random comments not related to posts? What do you think?

Also, before I sign this post off, you can find the instructions to add Disqus to the Classic Blogger Template HERE. Its fairly simple but you do need some HTML knowledge and courage :P Please note though, that LINE 13 from STEP 5.2 has an error as it uses square brackets, [ ], which need to be replaced with inequality signs < >. My blogger template was not recognising the commands till I changed my brackets.

As far as I'm aware, Disqus is relatively easy / automated for new blog templates, so make sure you sign up to it! Much better than the default Blogger comment system :)

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