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Monday, August 13, 2012 | 9:46 am | Comment ⇢
I'm currently in the process of importing my comments back from Disqus to Blogger so don't worry if you commented somewhere ages ago and its not showing up, I've got the comments / they'll just take time showing up on Blogger while I sort shiz out! New comments on new template shouldn't be affected!

//Random Rambling

PS - During the whole before mentioned fiasco, I exported my comments on Disqus as an XML file, deleted all my comments there and on Blogger and was going to import and start fresh but the Disqus export wasn't recognising itself and so basically I lost all my 400 so comments :O I was sooo NERD-RAGE-ing all over the place & tried a lot of shit to get them back but it looked like a hopeless case. Anyway so I was comment-less for a good few months (6+?) when randomly one day, I decided to try and import my comments back again (for literally the zillionth .. ok ok, literally like the 39th time) and somehow it worked! I swear I had a mini nerdgasm right there lolol.


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