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Lets just stop ..
Tuesday, February 22, 2011 | 11:38 pm | Comment ⇢
.. there's nothing I can do or say .. baby .. you've had enough .. and I'll stop making promises to update and stop singing my modified version of Britney Spears -  Stronger :P

So .. as you all should know by now .. I don't update *sheepish grin* .. so I'm going to just use this blog as a sound board whenever and where ever *hums Shakira song*  .. ANYHOO.

I'm totally weird, and totally awesome. And totally up myself :) I really love the sound of my voice, or the words of my head or .. well ya know what I mean. Is that a bad thing? I don't think so, I mean I'd like to think I'm a pretty easy going person, nice .. friendly (most of the time) .. I don't know. Like take for example this party I went to the other day, everyone kept commenting on how pretty I am (iknowright .. which will hence be known as ikr) .. and while it secretly thrilled me to hear about my astonishingly dashing God gifted looks (I'm funny too haha) .. I did get quite uncomfortable. Just saying .. if I was THAT up myself, surely I would be totally relaxed .. but nah, it made me really uncomfortable. I've realized I don't take direct compliments too well .. like when people say YOU are hot, YOU are pretty, YOU are so nice, etc. I prefer it when they say I like YOUR dress, YOUR hair is amazing, wow amazing make up, etc .. which I think is indirect compliments. Idk .. maybe I'm weird, but I'm amazing .. just the way I am *lalala*.

MUST STOP SINGING. I do that a lot .. randomly burst into a song :)

OH remembered why I started typing. I wanted to explain why girls can not be players, only whores while each girl a guy shags makes him a player. But since this post is a bit random .. I'll leave that to the next post .. or maybe (since I'm going off my computer for a bit now) I have once again made false promises.

Till than my lurvelies! x

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