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On dhikr
Sunday, November 11, 2012 | 7:29 pm | Comment ⇢
This video made me smile (and mostly importantly, think .. and I rarely think so you know its good)! 

Regrets ..
| 12:23 am | Comment ⇢
They say you regret the things you didn't do more than the things you did do. Can I just say ... they are full of shit! Ignoring the only not done thing I regret (my essays for undergrad), almost every single biggest regret of my life are things I have done. In fact if I had a chance, I'd go back to the past and smack myself silly to prevent myself from doing these stupid things which actually didn't even teach me anything new .. just reinforced the fact that I am right and not doing things and being a lazy bum is better than doing stupid things and turning into a tosser. 

When you love someone you gotta let them know ..
| 12:19 am | Comment ⇢
Even though I've got the emotional quotient of a rock, with my friends at least, I'm to an extent very vocal about how much they mean to me. Alhamdullilah I've been blessed with great parents and some amazing people in my life ... and I guess having gone through what I've gone through growing up .. I know that sometimes it makes a world's difference to someone when you out of the blue give them a card to tell them how great they are :) sometimes I worry that even though I can say in words how much someone means to me in my life, I'm like the exact opposite with those kinda emotions in person ... it just makes me feel all awkward and weird and gay and just no. And I think that maybe they think I'm just saying how much they mean to me instead of showing them .. and its like how the hell am I supposed to do that when I'm an emotional retard lol ://

But anyway, no matter how strong and cool and confident someone is ... and how much you think they should just KNOW that you love them ... let them know :) I've been having a rough couple of weeks with my migraine (literally every.single.night for the past 9 days), roller-coaster emotions and pressure at uni (seriously, I think because I've been such an easy going lazy arse all my life, I get physically sick because I can't cope with stress and shit) but it took just one person randomly telling me how awesome I am much they love me to really lift me up :)

So yeah .. go to your loved ones and tell em like it is!

PS - this doesn't apply to sexual relationships yeah. Seriously, everyone in that arena plays stupid games (initially anyway) and so you must never never never tell them how you feel :P

PPS - yeah I know I know, some of you are gonna be all REAL MATURE lil-bee to me .. but my rock heart has saved me all my life till my stupid emo friends (oh oxymoron <3) were all like TELL PEOPLE HOW YOU FEEL MAN and forced me to basically do this and it kinda messed shiz up. So yeah, DON'T DO IT. Till you are past that game playing stage (which takes a looooong time let me tell you). 

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