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Vicious Cycle / Broken Record
Wednesday, April 06, 2011 | 3:13 am | Comment ⇢
Like 95% of my blog has been about losing weight. Lols. Sad times :(

OMG. It did that stupid enter glitch again god dammit! :@ 

I like my old blog posts, some real gems there .. like when I wrote that someone had cultural diarrhea in Thailand and shat all over the place .. hehe :) I give myself so many funnies .. and no thats not code for shitting my pants o.O

But WOW the anger. I've calmed down A LOT I think. I mean I'm a generally nice, very funny and cheerful person, very easily amused and always laughing. I have days when I get really angry over stupid things. But now with age, I just get over things. I get annoyed, bitch about it a bit and than move on. Thats the point isn't it? Not letting things get to you.

As I said, I just don't care :) which is awesome because it really gets to people :)

Anyway. Don't even know why I came on to post today. No purpose really .. enjoy the word vomits while you can lovelies ;) I know it won't last (till next time I need to be be productive instead of procrastinating).

Muchos lurve x

At the end of the day
| 2:52 am | Comment ⇢
Men are dogs and women are bitches.

Wow verbal diarrhea
Sunday, April 03, 2011 | 3:42 am | Comment ⇢
Tonight or what?

Just wanted to sign off on a note .. silly little high school girls with their silly little games .. get over it KID. I'm a grown woman and I really don't give a damn.

Well .. apparently I care enough to mention it in my blog but meh.

Okay I really am out now ..


PS - omg that enter glitch thing I was telling you about (see previous post)? Its still happening and its driving me NUTS. Wonder if its a trick by Google to get me to get Chrome. NO THANKS. I like Firefox just fine. They have this Chrome ad after each post as I'm sure you fellow bloggers are aware of .. I'll try again on new window / Safari to see if that is the case. If not, well I guess I gotta revert back to my old technique of writing on Word and than C&P onto Blogger. 

AND I really am out now!

Adios amigos!

| 3:39 am | Comment ⇢
The perfume by CK? Smells so good :)

Obsession in real life? Not so good :O thankfully I reckon its under control, and harming only my time and sort of myself because of my feelings getting crushed and what not. Due to non-return of said obsession.

Also don't understand why every time I try to enter into a new line, this weird blog page just jumps to the beginning of the sentence instead of entering onto a new line? Weird.

There, did it again just now. Had to manually click on box (again) to get it to work. Ugh. 

And again. ANYWAY. Just don't understand why people need to be playing games. I'm at that age where it really makes no sense. Or I think I'm just the type of person who is straight forward, honest and doesn't like playing games? Idk (I don't know for all you internet noobs :P) it just seems like no a days I'm getting more irritated and not in the mood when this happens. I'm talking about when girl meets boy, they hit off amaaaazingly and than boy stops contacting girl till she contacts him first. C'mon wtf? And no, its not because he got what he wanted .. I'm not easy ;) and its not because he got over me, cos I'm hot :P Its just a stupid game tbh. My friend said that guys do this because they think I'm out of their leagues, intimidating, etc .. and they play around to feel like men .. really they are just happy little boys doing their happy little dance when they get what they want (me breaking the vow). Just really fed up of this man. Ugh.

And I'm at a stage of my life where I really don't care about egos or pride or whatever. If I like someone and I want to talk to them, I'm going to. But .. okay given my star sign, there's only so much a girl can take ya know? 

And with that, I'm off. I think I may start blogging more, to occupy my time which I'd otherwise spend not doing my essay .. and being a bit obsessive / stalkerish :O

Till next time lurvers :) x

Self realization
| 3:30 am | Comment ⇢
That I only most around times when I need to be doing other things. Like revising (well learning really since I haven't even vised, to REvise. Geddit? LOLOL) or doing my 7 essays, 6 of which are overdue .. out of which, 3 are so late they will be marked 0 (late fines) but I still have to do them to be entered into my exams.

Really hate my education sometimes :( damn feminists giving women rights and forcing us to study and have careers and what not :/


| 3:28 am | Comment ⇢
I've started it up (again) but seeing as I'm OLD (in Asian Woman Years) .. I really need to stick to it this time and also keep it up after achieving weight goals. BUT .. okay last few times I went on a lose weight mission (ever since I was born actually), I sort of had confidence in myself that I'll lose weight, and also I was younger so it was slightly easier. However, now that I'm old, and like way way fatter than I've even been my whole life, I'm a bit worried if losing so much weight is possible?!

I need to though .. because if I don't, no one will marry me .. and I won't get a chance to spread my AMAZING (mA) genes to the world ... harhar. Anyway, seriously. 

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