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Shiney Shiney
Thursday, June 30, 2011 | 6:37 pm | Comment ⇢
I built my computer again. This time it was Fedora 15 using GNOME Shell.

Its such a sexy bad boy :D

| 6:31 pm | Comment ⇢
So today I decided to abort my facial caterpillars (eyebrows) after they failed to cocoon into nice shapely butterflies.

Can I just say .. OW OW OW. And a big fucking OW.

Really, I wish Allah blessed me with nicely shaped eyebrows. But unfortunately if I don't do this abortion every few months (and I do leave it off for as long as .. though thats more because I'm a lazy man than for Islamic reasons) than I look like a Mangolian man with thick Turkish eyebrows.

I will have my cake
| 3:27 am | Comment ⇢
And eat it too. Because really, why else would you have cake, if you aren't going to eat it? I mean, why get the cake in the first place than?


Reading Blogs
Wednesday, June 29, 2011 | 1:00 pm | Comment ⇢
So we all follow different blogs, and read them right? Some read blogs by going directly to the blog site. Others use Google Reader, or other feed readers.

Guys, if you are using Firefox, Safari or Chrome as your internet browser, regardless of the operating system, you can get this AMAZING app to read your subscriptions (its an add-on browser app) called Feedly. You can even get the app for your Android and/or Apple devices (phone, tablet) .. and its free.

Check it out :)

Attention Muslim Android (phone & tablet) / iPhone / iPad Users!
| 2:48 am | Comment ⇢
Okay, so I don't really endorse stuff on my blog, unless I really believe in it.

I've tried a few Prayer Time apps for my Android. And most of em had some real messed up Salaat times .. most noticeably for Esha and Fajr. This was getting frustrating, real quick.

And than I came across this app, and I've never been happier :D

Muslim Pro is a prayer time app that works. Don't let the Pro in its title fool you .. its a pro app, but only in quality, not price. This app is FREE! :)

Its amazing. I've finally got an app which shows the correct prayer time. Its also got other awesome features built in .. seriously, do check it out! You won't regret it :)

I've compared my prayer times with those of East London Mosque's .. and though sometimes there is a minute's difference here or there, its accurate. I follow the Hanafi madhab and for the settings, I selected UOIF for my convention. Other apps have a limited number of sources, but this has a huge variation so its great :D You can also manually adjust the different prayer times individually by sorting out the timings!

Other features include Adhaan during prayer time (either ringtone or buzz notification), different styles of Adhaan; locations are selected based on GPS, or you can manually set a location and it will show you the Qibla direction; its got a built in Quran with translations available in a few languages; Islamic holiday approximations and even a places option to look for halal restaurants near by or mosques (I personally don't have the places option, maybe its iPhone only at this point?). Anyway, its AMAZING :D

You can check out the website for Muslim Pro, and give it a try by installing it via Android Market, or Apple's App Market :)

Let me know what you think, and pass it on if you like it! :)

Big Fat Hair
| 2:33 am | Comment ⇢
I LOVE this guy :) you should too!

He's the best :D

Hai I'm a Dork
| 1:43 am | Comment ⇢
Okay, I must be broken as a female, because I find it really fucking hard to express my feelings.

I don't know .. maybe its because I'm an Asian .. and we just don't say I love you to our parents o.O .. I don't think its a bad thing .. I mean, they already know I love them right? Why must I say it?

People throw around those three letters too much. They are kinda losing their meaning .. not just the word love, because I say it to my friends all the time (e.g.) :

'Your argument is gay and your face is moot. Love you!'

But, I don't know .. I guess those three words have been over hyped, and over used, or whatever.

But I've NEVER said I love you to my dad. I love him though, but I don't think I can physically make myself go up to him and be like Baba, I love you. I'm his daughter, of course I love him! If I didn't, than I'd tell him I hate him!

With my mum, I've said it once or twice. But it was the most awkward moment ever.

Anyway, so like, after Esha, or Fajr, I go into my parents room, and give them a hug or something while they sleep. Sometimes I squeeze them real hard, so they kind of get half awake, and so have knowledge about my affections.

Its just easier that way.

It really annoys my dad though. Like when he talks about feelings and stuff, I make a face at him and go 'OMG baba, you're SUCH a drama queen. Why are you being such a woman?!' and he's like .. why can't you feel? lolol.

My mum, I guess I'm like her, in that she's very reserved and quiet with her PDA. Like I remember when I was 14, or something .. and we'd be back in Bangladesh and I'd want to hug her, she's shove me away and be like how people are looking at us weird.

LOL BURN. I got rejected by my mum.

UPDATE: Actually, thinking about it .. I'm kind of like my dad too. Because whenever we have a big fight (and we used to have em ALL the time .. and still do, occasionally), we go on not-speaking terms. But apparently, my dad would come to me when I was asleep, and like pat my head and stuffs even though when we were both awake, we'd not talk to each other. I remember once, we had a HUGE fight, and one day, mid-love, I woke up, and when I realized what was happening, I grumpy snarled at him and told him to go away, and he was like fine, you kutta! :D Ah good times <3

*random flash back .. because I'm channeling Lost right now* I remember once, my uncle beat up my cousin because he broke the table. Actually, I broke the table, but no one was there when I broke it, so I kind of fled the scene and didn't own up to my crime. Anyhoo, so my cousin got beat up real bad (no blood or anything, don't worry) .. and than in the morning, when we woke up, we all went to eat food in the dining room. There on the cold steamy glass door to the verandah, there was a special message for my cousin: "I'm sorry O. From Baba". :D

Anyway. Wow, this post became kind of long. But its all good, my face mask is dry now :D (I'm SUCH a girl sometimes).

What I wanted to say was, since my dad has gone on a trip to Europe, my mum sleeps all alone, and makes weird cat noises in the middle of her sleep like she's having a nightmare or something. So I go to her and give her a bear hug and kiss her face. Cos I'm a dork like that. But its the only way I can show my emotions!


Don't Die On The Tube
Tuesday, June 28, 2011 | 7:14 pm | Comment ⇢
Gosh, what an idiot.

Am I bad for kissing my teeth at the delays he caused?! Nope .. I'm just a Londoner.

Seriously people, if you want to kill yourself, or do something stupid .. can you not cost the people living, more inconvenience? Forget Rest in Peace .. people need to learn to Die in Peace.


An explanation for my constipation
| 7:02 pm | Comment ⇢
The verbal kind.

Basically, I'm really busy. Even though I don't do anything.

1. I need to do this project for mum. I'm getting paid for it. And its just basic editing, etc. But I'm just a lazy bum. And even though I haven't touched it yet, I feel kind of guilty writing other things, instead of working on the project.

2. I'm trying to lose weight. I don't know how that conflicts elaborating my posts. But .. and because I'm been SUPER SLACKING at exercising, I feel kind of guilty, sitting on my arse instead of using that time to work out instead.

3. I'm supposed to be painting my room. I haven't even brought the colours yet.

4. I have not seen MANY MANY people during this whole year at university. I haven't even done anything at university! But anyway, I can't sit and write, because I've got people to see, life to live, etc.

5. Part of me kind of doesn't want to elaborate. The whole point of writing about something (bad) is to get over it right? But I'm kinda over everything .. so a bit like bleh.

NEGOTIATION - how about, I slooooowly elaborate on some of the stuff. And than let you know in time?

Now .. stop nagging kthnkx :) you know who you are :P just because I'm not publishing, doesn't mean I'm not reading your naggery!

Decisions decisions ..
| 6:59 pm | Comment ⇢
I think the recent update messed up my fedora distro :( which kind of sucks, because I just got it and finished building it up from scratch and getting all my packages sorted out and stuff! :(

But I think the new software is conflicting with my hardware and now my WiFi won't work :'(

I will see what happens .. but looks like I'm building it up again :/

I'm trying to decide between Mint, which is based on Ubuntu, or Fedora again (re-install, or try 15) .. which I've wanted to use for a while because of Red Hat .. OR, Joli OS .. which is a Linux using, cloud based OS.

SHINY SHINY. I'm such a tech whore.

I think I'm so gangstah.
| 4:28 am | Comment ⇢
I'm so sick, that I vomit. Lolol :)

-> Here

I'm not your baby!
Monday, June 27, 2011 | 10:10 pm | Comment ⇢
So I was reading this a while back and thinking how I'm easy going and wouldn't really care what someone called me.

And than I realized. I hate hate hate it when people call me by silly pet names, like boo, or shawty, or *shudders* .. BABY.

Let me get straight to the point yeah (PS - the first few episodes are kind of shit, but it gets better, if you did want to see em. But I just wanted to reference the line :P) .. I'm kind of a misogynist. Women and their antics piss me off. But I guess, maybe I'm a feminist. Or maybe my penis envy makes me so, and makes me dislike these 'feminine' terms because I'm in denial.

But whatever it is, I just dislike being called by those kind of names. Don't get me wrong, I used to HATE the term babes / babe, and now I use it all the time. But I'm MUCH more comfortable when people call me dude, or bro (yes really .. that penis envy thing really must be true).

I don't know .. I guess because the terms just seem to be a bit patronizing or something. But can I just say ..


That is all, good bye.

PS - my Fedora is messing up. Darn update. I MAY have to rebuilt again, maybe using a different Linux distro. But I kinda don't want to. Because I just recently built this one. Awe tech .. such love and hate.

| 4:05 pm | Comment ⇢
My bro heard me talking to my friend about the mahussive bullshit drama and he kind of went mental and now wants to beat them up. My other bro (older) is now trying to calm him down. Its quite funny :D

Awe, you gotta love brotherly protection :D its even more amazing that these are my adoptive friend - brothers :)

BUT that being said, I'm a low key kinda person and usually ignore whatever drama is thrown my way. So it kinda doesn't help that my bros are getting involved and making it worse :P

Sometimes your bro is the hoe
| 3:25 am | Comment ⇢
SO glad I don't date.

Too much drama. And bullshit.

Remember my 'friend', whore woman, and new dude? Well, they've all dragged me into their little piss up, and now new dude is chatting shit about me; 'friend' is suggesting revenge by getting me to sleep with him and whore woman, well she's the evil mastermind behind all this.

Its a bit ironic though, that I'm getting dragged into this, when I don't even date people anymore -.-

Sheesh, you'd think for all the stick I get, I'd be getting .. well, some stick in life. Yes, it means what you think it means. :)

Thats so old!
Sunday, June 26, 2011 | 3:01 pm | Comment ⇢
Why do people say that? Oh, that song is sooo old. As if I'm supposed to stop listening to something because its old.


That song is old? So is your MUM. You still listen to her .. (well this may apply more to my ethnic readers who will get smacked if they don't listen to their mums).

Anyhow, its crazy hot today, and I'm kinda dying. So I've decided to play this song on replay, get my bandana on, and sh-sh-shake it :)

If he's a good Muslim
Saturday, June 25, 2011 | 6:16 pm | Comment ⇢
My friend thinks that being a good Muslim is enough for a man to be a good husband. I totally disagree. What is a 'good' Muslim anyway? Who judges against what?

Pfft. Such silliness. And I'm 'missing out' for taking into consideration other things?


Will elaborate later!

Decline in Humanity
| 2:59 am | Comment ⇢
Regarding the link posted in the last post ...

Don't these 'people' have any fear of Allah? Call me a pussy (okay I totally am one) but I could never harm another human being physically no matter how much I disliked them. Because I am human. And also a pussy. But still.

Astagfirullah. :(

:( :( :(
| 2:57 am | Comment ⇢
This makes me really sad :(

Friday, June 24, 2011 | 9:36 pm | Comment ⇢
How can my friend be 3 hours late, 3 times in a row?!?!

3 bloody fricking hours. Is she actually taking the piss???

| 1:55 pm | Comment ⇢
My friend is there! I'm SO gutted I couldn't go :'(

| 1:41 am | Comment ⇢
I really hate people sometimes.

I'm REALLY glad that I've got a strong faith mashAllah :)

Sure, I don't always do things that I'm supposed to, and sometimes I slip up and do things that I'm not supposed to.

But regardless, my faith, and my belief is strong.

And I'm SO thankful, because whenever I have problems in life, or if I'm generally feeling bad about situations, I always find peace in Allah.

I know He's ALWAYS here for me, and that I'm never alone. All I gotta do is reach out and pray to Him .. its just really calming, and I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have faith in my life.

People now a days are becoming more and more secular, possibly because of the negativity media tends to throw on religions, but no matter what religion someone believes / belongs to, I think having faith is really important. Otherwise we'd have anarchy / hopelessness.

Sure, Marxists will argue that religion is used by the capitalist class to maintain the class inequality by repressing the working class revolution and giving them false hope in justice after life .. but I'm not a Marxist (well I kinda am but meh) nor am I of working class, so its all good in the hood :D

| 1:01 am | Comment ⇢
So some of you know about the situation with my 'friend' who was putting me at an awkward position and just annoying me in general?

Well update on that, he's really annoyed me, and I'm pissed off at him because he lied about something MAJOR.

Also, even though he got fucked by his ex, they are still fucking. While she is with her new man. We've already established that she's a super whore, but that shit just really made me lose all respect for my 'friend'.

Like, what kind of a dude does that? Specially after all she's done to him?! Really .. they deserve each other.

I don't know what shit went down, but I don't think two wrongs make a right. If he's been cheated on, why will he enable her to do the same to her new man? Okay fine he hates new dude, but whatever.

Also, new dude is also my friend. I've known him for longer than I've known my 'friend' and so obviously, I felt kind of in the middle of everything. I don't know how much he knew / how active he was in the cheating thing, but still.

Anyway I'm blabbering. I'm kind of all over the place about it. But when I talk to them, I just feel like new dude is so much more legit and real than my 'friend' you know? When you get this gut feeling about people and how they behave and what they say?

I think whore woman, and new dude have broken up. And I feel REALLY bad about it. Even though okay, karma, what you do comes back to you. But I don't think things are always black and white, right or wrong. Anyway, I feel like he is SOOO much more better than whore girl, so maybe this is a good thing that he is not stuck with her and ruining his life. And anyway, he realized that he cared about her WAY more than she did, so I guess its amazing that he won't take that shit and knows he deserves better treatment :)

I guess everyone has a story in a situation, and there are many sides to it. I just feel now, that my 'friend' and whore girl are made for each other and deserve each other, because they are such total shits. And I feel super bad for new dude and want to give him a hug .. but I won't .. cos you know, I don't do that anymore -.-

Gah. Yeah I swore a lot in this post, I'm just having a bad day. I hate caring about people.

God damn fools. -.-

Yay X Chromosomes
Thursday, June 23, 2011 | 11:46 pm | Comment ⇢
EVERY TIME I see an insect near me, and I do mean EVERY SINGLE TIME, I scream like a little girl and run away from it.

I've got a very high pitched voice capability, and whenever I scream, its in that shrilling high pitched voice.

This screaming and running away sequence happens even when I've got my trusty anti-Buddhist (due to its cruel nature) insect killing electric zapper and insect spray.

Once I was driving with my windows down, and I was reverse parking my car, and a bee flew into my car, and I screamed and jumped out of the car. Without stopping engine or breaking / hand break. Yup, my car crashed.

So yeah, SO glad I'm a girl.

I'm pathetic :D

PS - this JUST happened. Hence the post. My head hurts. What are you stupidly scared of? Me .. many things, but nothing makes makes me scream like insects!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011 | 10:37 pm | Comment ⇢
I'm vain and cocky. But I love it. I love myself. Well duh <- vain and cocky remember!

I don't get it?
Tuesday, June 21, 2011 | 2:09 am | Comment ⇢
Why is it that the first thing people do when on holiday somewhere is find WiFi to update their social networks?

Why don't you enjoy your holiday, instead of checking in and FB / tweeting about it?

Just a thought ...

| 2:06 am | Comment ⇢
I keep seeing Ex Potential Hubby (the Banker) all the time, and its made things so awkward for me. Like, I think I kind of started to like him, and now I obviously can't because he's already getting married .. TO SOMEONE ELSE .. and how can I get over him, if I see him all the time, and if my dad and him joke about his wedding from across the room from me?

Sacre bleu!

| 2:04 am | Comment ⇢
Back pain. Ow ow ow. I feel old. I haven't even had kids, or a proper job .. how can I be in so much pain? :(

Owwwww. Its so painful! :(

Also somehow I must have grown in the chesticle department, simultaneously while carrying my HUGE and heavy rucksack to school during exams .. and now I have like permanently damaged my back.

Seriously, I wake up every day and have a sore back at night. I don't even do much work?!


Sunday, June 19, 2011 | 3:20 pm | Comment ⇢
Call me crazy, but I think its more important for me to pray 5 times a day, than worry about how plucking my eye brow is sending me to hell.


Friday, June 17, 2011 | 11:26 pm | Comment ⇢
I have a very short one. So the big happy family reunion just turned sour. Because someone told me how to behave with my dad. Um, shut up? I have a very jokey relationship with my dad, very different from most strict dad - respectful daughter type Asian relationships. I respect my dad, but I can also joke around with him. I was doing this when said aunt got all oh thats disrespectful, don't behave that way mantra .. and I was like .. my mum raised me, and this is how my relationship with my dad is, so stfu and don't tell me what to do -.-

Obviously I didn't say that, I just shut up and came to my room, because now I'm pissed off and I want her to go back home.

I know they have a right to tell me and whatever, and they are elders and so we should respect them. But no one fucking tells me what to do!!! Okay, they do .. but I hate it when they sort of tell me, as opposed to ask me to behave in the certain way.

Gah, whatever. Rant over.

PS - I'm still going to behave exactly in the same way as I always have with my father. If she doesn't like it boofuckinghoo.

How To Follow This Blog
| 12:35 am | Comment ⇢
Hey folks!

As promised, I'm going to tell you an alternative way to follow me using Blogger / Google Reader / Any Other Feed account :)

1. BLOGGER - if you are using Blogger, log in and go to the Blogger Dashboard page. If you scroll down, past the manage your blogs table, you will come across the Reading List. Once there, click on the Add button, and just add the URL of this blog :) simple!

2. GOOGLE READER - log in to Google, and go to the Google Reader page. Once there, right below the search bar, you will see an 'Add a subscription' button. Just enter the URL of this page and you've subscribed!

Both ways are very simple .. if you use another RSS reader, you can just add my URL on that. You can also add the URL of pretty much any page and you will be subscribed to them if they have feed data :)

Hope this helps! Now follow follow follow (if you dare ;P)

Freedom is a lie
| 12:24 am | Comment ⇢
So I have no exams but I've been CRAZY busy .. not even doing a lot of stuff, but just surrounded by people and I can't exactly be sitting on my computer and updating on my life when I'm busy living it ;)

Anyway .. so I have heaps of things to do, and also update all the one liner blogs I promised I'd write about so stop fretting my lovelies :P I also need to sort out comments and get back to them .. so patience!

I just wanted to come here and say that I'm still alive, and slowly reading them and thinking and things.

Also, a lot of people have asked me how they can follow my blog on Google Friend Connect, or just the general Blogger thing because I don't have the follow button on my site.

Two reasons I don't have the widget:

1. My blog is really really old :P like really really REALLY old haha .. so over the years I've played around with my custom template and at the time, blogger did not have widgets. So now, I can't find the code for the widgets to add to my page, or even if I did, I don't think I could make it look nice .. and you know how OCD I am so ..

2. I know some of my close friends irl follow me, and I didn't want that information publicly available in case someone who knows me stumbles upon my page and sees my followers and puts the two things together :O

BUT, you can still follow me. In fact if you are with Blogger, or have Google Reader, you can follow (subscribe) to any page to get RSS feeds :) I'll post how in the next post so you can follow me .. and tell everyone you know ;)

Why do they say that?!
Tuesday, June 14, 2011 | 3:16 am | Comment ⇢
"I think you are incredible [I am] and I'm claiming you as mine"


Why do men do that?! What is with them and ownership?! Like JEEZUZ, this isn't no lost and found?! To be perfectly honest, they can't treat us like we are bitches for them to claim, and than expect us to not be bitches to them, or treat them like the dogs they seem to think they are?!


(actually, the right guy with the right force could say that to me and I'd be swooned .. sweened? Erm you know what I mean .. but like the right man [for me] would also know that I'm only liking the arrogant MAN taking control thing, not the being treated like a possession thing o.O)

Saturday, June 11, 2011 | 3:25 pm | Comment ⇢
Sheesh guys, sorry I've just been crazy busy and way behind on posting / editing / elaborating / reading / emails, et all!

Just having a family reunion, and too much fun to write about it :P soon I hope .. soon soon soon :)

Also, have a little disagreement with mum about headscarf. But I think we've come to an agreement about it .. more later!

And finally, I love love LOVE clear matte top coat :D makes all my nail polish look matt <3 LOVE IT!

Revelation .. I need advice!
Thursday, June 09, 2011 | 1:04 am | Comment ⇢
Okay so I've been thinking about wearing hijaab for a WHIIIIIILE now and I sort of had a revelation and thought I'm going to start .. very very soon InshAllah .. but (and I've asked my friends this too) .. can you lot give me some advice / point me to the right direction?

I've been researching different hijaab styles too and the accessories I need but no luck :P all I got so far is .. I need pins, a flower clip and a scarf LOL .. ummm I really wanna learn about the different ways / styles as well .. specially the arab styles, like I know there are different ones from Oman, Jordan, UAE, etc .. let me know! I'd really appreciate it :) and any general words of wisdom :)

'Protecting' my feelings
Wednesday, June 08, 2011 | 12:07 am | Comment ⇢
Sheesh mum, I know you have my best interests at heart but really .. I'd rather you tell me that the guy you told me to chat up got his marriage fixed so I can use my skills to ensnare next guys instead of wasting time on a fish that's already caught on the hook and waiting to be reeled in.

Tschh. I'm just annoyed that my mum thinks so low of me, like I care what a guy does. Hello .. cockiest person ever?! I won't have time worrying about why A or B didn't marry me because I'm too busy looking at myself in the mirror!

SERIOUSLY .. parents. Tsk tsk tsk ...

Feminists are sexists
Tuesday, June 07, 2011 | 5:08 pm | Comment ⇢
Radical feminists, I'm talking to you.

You are sexist towards men.

You are sexist towards women.

I'll elaborate why .. at some point o.O

Ugh Guys!
| 2:03 pm | Comment ⇢
I hate getting into 'debates' with them because they inevitably turn into arguments. And you can't even call them debates, because they are so narrow minded and think they are right and everyone else is wrong and they refuse to listen. JUST LISTEN. God damn fool.

PS - I was right. He still didn't listen. Pfft.

PPS - Yes I'm generalizing. BOOHOO. =/

Monday, June 06, 2011 | 1:49 am | Comment ⇢
I've been spelling cheek like cheeck and going back and changing / correcting it .. how retarded o.O

Oh yes.
| 1:15 am | Comment ⇢
I just had a nerdgasm earlier. Mmmmmhmmm .. made my own program!

Let Go
Sunday, June 05, 2011 | 5:27 pm | Comment ⇢
Life is about us maturing, growing up, changing and having different priorities. As we change, so do the friends we keep because we just end up having different outlooks and ideas.

The good ones, they stay. The other ones .. well they aren't really missed.

Sometimes this process of change and friendships come on gradually .. you talk less, meet less, till theres nothing at all.

At other times, you have to make an active decision to cut people out of your lives.

So my friend, after me constantly telling him to back off, he kept putting me in awkward positions and I think he's been extremely selfish and rude. I'm trying to be normal and yet he says stupid things like - "I just want to hold you, I need you so much" .. um WHAT?

He is being such a stupid dick :@ like, he never had me so how can he need me? And I've told him again and again to stop but he just doesn't listen. He thinks its a phase and that I'll get over it, or somehow wake up and appreciate his advances. Its really upsetting to be honest, that he doesn't even value our friendship enough to listen to what I'm saying. Its like he doesn't care about anything but himself.

So I've told him what I think and that we'll only ever be friends and to stop making out like we are more than because we never will be. He can respect my decision, or he can piss off. I've decided to just cut him off .. and I can't say that I'll miss him.

I'm letting go of one sided friendships ..

Hay Fever
| 3:10 pm | Comment ⇢

Mother?! More like bitch nature o.O

Saturday, June 04, 2011 | 10:01 pm | Comment ⇢
So now I gotta work at this project, and clean the house, and exercise, and wake up early, and go on a diet, and learn to cook (while dieting) and blehhhh. How is this freedom? HAHAHA I kid I kid, I still choose this over schooling :D

Also, oversleeping = sinus flare = hangoveresque headache the entire day. Ouch. :(

Grow Up.
Friday, June 03, 2011 | 10:57 pm | Comment ⇢
Person. Really, you need to understand that the world actually does not revolve around you and get over yourself. Stop making a big deal out of everything, because contrary to what you may have been led to believe, you are not a big deal. Really. Not.A.Big.Deal.

Its okay for people to have bad days. But to constantly become worked up and pissed off over the most minor things .. seriously, people are getting tired of it, and tired of you.

I feel so bad for her. I mean, I used to be ANGRY when I was child. Like not that I had issues, but when I'd get angry, I'd get ANGRY. Not all the time thankfully, but I did keep grudges. And really, all this is SO counterproductive. Like, let go of your anger. Its just not good for anyone. Guess everyone grows up at their own pace. Just hope she can get out of her MEMEME world and join us in the real world before its too late.

Seriously. Other MUCH important and serious issues in life than your minor beef. WOOSAH.

Muchos Lurve x

Guess what?
| 10:50 pm | Comment ⇢
I'm FREE .. yeh boiiiiiiii :D

Also, I had a really bad onslaught of hay fever today. Worse yet this entire summer. I was sneezing non stop around 15 minutes before the exam, somehow didn't sneeze during the 2 hours of the exam and than started off again after I got out. Which kinda sucks cos today with there was this really amazing Exodus end of year fair at university. Which I looked at and didn't participate in from a distance. Bleh .. I'm just lucky that it came on my last exam! Thankfully I had an antihistamine in my bag (emergency stash) but now I'm hella drowsy o.O just forcing myself to be awake an hour to do Esha prayers and than sleep <3 but I hope I can wake up at 4 for Fajr .. really gonna try hard to!

Oh on an off note, I saw a good friend of mine and when he went to hug me I kind of backed away and said sorry I'm Muslim. LOLWUT? I've been Muslim all this time .. maybe it slipped out because as lovely as he is, he has the most painful stubble which gives me carpet burn when he cheek kisses me. And later when my good Muslim friend asked if I was going to the party and I said no, he was like why and I said I'm Muslim duh. LOLOL, now I know I'm a jokey person but I think it came across as being all Judy Judgmental which is like totally haram .. opps!

Thursday, June 02, 2011 | 10:26 pm | Comment ⇢
So I've done bad things. And I keep reminding myself of my sins, so that I can feel ashamed and seek forgiveness from Allah. Is it bad that I remind myself of my sins? I don't think so .. because if I keep telling myself how wrong it is, I'll hopefully have more conviction in not repeating it in the future.

I've also found that reading the hadith and translations of the Quran are helping me keep strong and from diverging from the true path in life.

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So close I can taste it ... last exam tomorrow! Ughhh

Wednesday, June 01, 2011 | 7:09 pm | Comment ⇢
Messages from above? Which are sometimes mixed up with devil's mischief? I believe so .. there's a whole spiritual world out there, waiting to be explored. We're just too close minded to see.

More on this later? Last exam soon, REALLY don't want to repeat earlier last-minute-ness o.O pray for me :)

On another note .. I was kind of pro capital punishment, but I think humans are so complex, we can't just simply label something as right or wrong. Context is so important, as well as what the person perceives as right or wrong. One person's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter right? I also think that as humans, we can't be the judge of who gets to live and who gets to die. That would be very egotistical of us. And how is us making a decision to end someone's life any different from that someone deciding to rape or kill someone?

Someone mentioned that there should be a penalty of pain, rather than penalty of death. I just feel like thats a bit sadistic and well .. inhumane? Our humanity is what defines us and differs us from everyone else .. we can't lose that. Also, I'd be a bit worried at the psychological well being of those carrying out the penalty and afflicting pain o.O

Random thought for the day!

Muchos lurve x

PS - I hate the news channel. And will continue to do so till I've been sufficiently desensitized. Which hopefully will be never.

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