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An explanation for my constipation
Tuesday, June 28, 2011 | 7:02 pm | Comment ⇢
The verbal kind.

Basically, I'm really busy. Even though I don't do anything.

1. I need to do this project for mum. I'm getting paid for it. And its just basic editing, etc. But I'm just a lazy bum. And even though I haven't touched it yet, I feel kind of guilty writing other things, instead of working on the project.

2. I'm trying to lose weight. I don't know how that conflicts elaborating my posts. But .. and because I'm been SUPER SLACKING at exercising, I feel kind of guilty, sitting on my arse instead of using that time to work out instead.

3. I'm supposed to be painting my room. I haven't even brought the colours yet.

4. I have not seen MANY MANY people during this whole year at university. I haven't even done anything at university! But anyway, I can't sit and write, because I've got people to see, life to live, etc.

5. Part of me kind of doesn't want to elaborate. The whole point of writing about something (bad) is to get over it right? But I'm kinda over everything .. so a bit like bleh.

NEGOTIATION - how about, I slooooowly elaborate on some of the stuff. And than let you know in time?

Now .. stop nagging kthnkx :) you know who you are :P just because I'm not publishing, doesn't mean I'm not reading your naggery!

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