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Revelation .. I need advice!
Thursday, June 09, 2011 | 1:04 am | Comment ⇢
Okay so I've been thinking about wearing hijaab for a WHIIIIIILE now and I sort of had a revelation and thought I'm going to start .. very very soon InshAllah .. but (and I've asked my friends this too) .. can you lot give me some advice / point me to the right direction?

I've been researching different hijaab styles too and the accessories I need but no luck :P all I got so far is .. I need pins, a flower clip and a scarf LOL .. ummm I really wanna learn about the different ways / styles as well .. specially the arab styles, like I know there are different ones from Oman, Jordan, UAE, etc .. let me know! I'd really appreciate it :) and any general words of wisdom :)

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