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Why do they say that?!
Tuesday, June 14, 2011 | 3:16 am | Comment ⇢
"I think you are incredible [I am] and I'm claiming you as mine"


Why do men do that?! What is with them and ownership?! Like JEEZUZ, this isn't no lost and found?! To be perfectly honest, they can't treat us like we are bitches for them to claim, and than expect us to not be bitches to them, or treat them like the dogs they seem to think they are?!


(actually, the right guy with the right force could say that to me and I'd be swooned .. sweened? Erm you know what I mean .. but like the right man [for me] would also know that I'm only liking the arrogant MAN taking control thing, not the being treated like a possession thing o.O)

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