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Friday, June 17, 2011 | 11:26 pm | Comment ⇢
I have a very short one. So the big happy family reunion just turned sour. Because someone told me how to behave with my dad. Um, shut up? I have a very jokey relationship with my dad, very different from most strict dad - respectful daughter type Asian relationships. I respect my dad, but I can also joke around with him. I was doing this when said aunt got all oh thats disrespectful, don't behave that way mantra .. and I was like .. my mum raised me, and this is how my relationship with my dad is, so stfu and don't tell me what to do -.-

Obviously I didn't say that, I just shut up and came to my room, because now I'm pissed off and I want her to go back home.

I know they have a right to tell me and whatever, and they are elders and so we should respect them. But no one fucking tells me what to do!!! Okay, they do .. but I hate it when they sort of tell me, as opposed to ask me to behave in the certain way.

Gah, whatever. Rant over.

PS - I'm still going to behave exactly in the same way as I always have with my father. If she doesn't like it boofuckinghoo.

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