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Thursday, June 23, 2011 | 11:46 pm | Comment ⇢
EVERY TIME I see an insect near me, and I do mean EVERY SINGLE TIME, I scream like a little girl and run away from it.

I've got a very high pitched voice capability, and whenever I scream, its in that shrilling high pitched voice.

This screaming and running away sequence happens even when I've got my trusty anti-Buddhist (due to its cruel nature) insect killing electric zapper and insect spray.

Once I was driving with my windows down, and I was reverse parking my car, and a bee flew into my car, and I screamed and jumped out of the car. Without stopping engine or breaking / hand break. Yup, my car crashed.

So yeah, SO glad I'm a girl.

I'm pathetic :D

PS - this JUST happened. Hence the post. My head hurts. What are you stupidly scared of? Me .. many things, but nothing makes makes me scream like insects!

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