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Guess what?
Friday, June 03, 2011 | 10:50 pm | Comment ⇢
I'm FREE .. yeh boiiiiiiii :D

Also, I had a really bad onslaught of hay fever today. Worse yet this entire summer. I was sneezing non stop around 15 minutes before the exam, somehow didn't sneeze during the 2 hours of the exam and than started off again after I got out. Which kinda sucks cos today with there was this really amazing Exodus end of year fair at university. Which I looked at and didn't participate in from a distance. Bleh .. I'm just lucky that it came on my last exam! Thankfully I had an antihistamine in my bag (emergency stash) but now I'm hella drowsy o.O just forcing myself to be awake an hour to do Esha prayers and than sleep <3 but I hope I can wake up at 4 for Fajr .. really gonna try hard to!

Oh on an off note, I saw a good friend of mine and when he went to hug me I kind of backed away and said sorry I'm Muslim. LOLWUT? I've been Muslim all this time .. maybe it slipped out because as lovely as he is, he has the most painful stubble which gives me carpet burn when he cheek kisses me. And later when my good Muslim friend asked if I was going to the party and I said no, he was like why and I said I'm Muslim duh. LOLOL, now I know I'm a jokey person but I think it came across as being all Judy Judgmental which is like totally haram .. opps!

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