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Vicious Cycle / Broken Record
Wednesday, April 06, 2011 | 3:13 am | Comment ⇢
Like 95% of my blog has been about losing weight. Lols. Sad times :(

OMG. It did that stupid enter glitch again god dammit! :@ 

I like my old blog posts, some real gems there .. like when I wrote that someone had cultural diarrhea in Thailand and shat all over the place .. hehe :) I give myself so many funnies .. and no thats not code for shitting my pants o.O

But WOW the anger. I've calmed down A LOT I think. I mean I'm a generally nice, very funny and cheerful person, very easily amused and always laughing. I have days when I get really angry over stupid things. But now with age, I just get over things. I get annoyed, bitch about it a bit and than move on. Thats the point isn't it? Not letting things get to you.

As I said, I just don't care :) which is awesome because it really gets to people :)

Anyway. Don't even know why I came on to post today. No purpose really .. enjoy the word vomits while you can lovelies ;) I know it won't last (till next time I need to be be productive instead of procrastinating).

Muchos lurve x

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