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One of these days ..
Tuesday, May 10, 2011 | 2:18 am | Comment ⇢
.. my luck with God will run out and I will be screwed in life :( unless I start regularly praying and working at what I want from life!

Idk I'm just .. I am AMAZING at planning. Planning my education, revision, essays, weight loss, life, etc, etc .. but I never execute / way off my time management :O 

Like, I've had all these days to do revision (learning since I don't know anything) for an exam coming up in a few hours and yet I still haven't started. And this is a new low. I'm going to stay awake trying to revise and than do the exam with no sleep. *gulp*

I have no one but myself to blame. I'm really tired. I don't know how I will work tomorrow .. well today in a few hours, with no sleep. But I can't sleep since I need to revise. I feel like crying. I am SUCH an idiot.

The worst thing is, I'm hoping that the one day my luck runs out isn't this year .. that somehow God is with me through other people praying for me .. and that He saves me once again. And the worst thing is, even if He saves me, I know like last year, I will end up doing exactly the same thing next year. I will try REALLY hard not to but I probably will. Tschhhh.

Really I would smack myself across my head now but will refrain since I am trying to keep intact and fit for the exam in a few hours.

And instead of revising, I am sitting here on blog. I've noticed I only blog around April - July. Wonder why (exam period). Le sighhhhhh.

Wish me luck all .. I need it. Again. Till next time (I'm predicting 19th of May since my next exam is on the 20th, unless I come back again tonight like a shameless faff).

Muchos lurve as always x

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