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New Template & An Update
Monday, August 13, 2012 | 9:38 am | Comment ⇢
Hey guys!

1. So if you are readings this, welcome to the new template :) I decided to change my template, browsed around, picked this and then edited the hell out of it :P its pretty basic-ish but I like & hope you do too! There are some hidden tricks up this template's codey sleeves but one thing I integrated in the old template, which this one has as well, is the ability to view previous posts / newer posts instead of having to go through whole months of Archives. Bottom navigation bar, on the right, there should be an arrow (or two! Depends on what page you are in) & if you hover on them, you'll see that they are clickable arrows that should take you to older and newer posts! Anyway, let me know what you think :) comments are up as well, though back on the native Blogger commenting system for now (non-Bloggers can comment as Anon / Open ID). I've added the codes I used for some of the edits, scroll down to the next post if you want to see & let me know what you think of the new template :)

2. General update is that I'm still alive, if you hadn't noticed :P its not my geek ghost putting up all these codes ;D I've just been busy busy busy .. well not really, I've just been lazy lazy lazy and not doing all the busy crazy things I should be doing but anyhow so I basically have a lot of work (which I'm being lazy and not doing) and the recent fiasco that made me change my template (geek.rant) made me reluctant to post as well since I was using other services! But anyhow, maybe all in the past? I should be posting soon (soon as in lil-bee terms soon so maybe next year haha) .. hope all is well with ya'll, my lovely FFs

Ciao for now! xoxo

On Monday, August 13, 2012, Blogger The Linoleum Surfer wrote:

⇢ Honestly, I couldn't digest all your stuff about code for comments boxes. But I'm glad you're still alive!

On Tuesday, August 14, 2012, Blogger lil-bee wrote:

⇢ Lol yeah ... those posts are geek orientated / back up for me if I ever lose my code files :P but what do you think of the new template eh eh eh? I'm gonna have ti change it because it doesn't work on smaller computers / different browsers properly :(

PS - likewise bro! (as in likewise I am also glad I'm still alive and also glad you're still alive :P)

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