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I moved .. and then moved back?!
Wednesday, April 04, 2012 | 1:25 pm | Comment ⇢
EDIT: (You can read conclusion for .. conclusion minus story) Basically long story short -> I've been on Blogger forever, had a custom comment system, Google introduced Country Redirection which broke my comments, I got pissed off, decided to move, moved around a lot and created / reserved my blog name / ID -> lil-bee / the-randomizer on LOADS of sites, I loved one A LOT (Posterous) but that ended up being bought out so I had to move (cry) and found another one I like but its really not the same so basically ...

CONCLUSION: I'm back on Blogger. Other sites are open, links are not, but they are pretty easy to find. Comment system might be back on Blogger, though maybe not (depends on when you read this). Sorry for all this drama (I'm such a fickle whore) and thank you if you stood by me!


Hey folks,

As much as I LOVE Google, the recent changes they are almost forcing down our throats is so not my cup of chai.

I've been with Blogger a long long looong time (6 years +) and for the most part, I have been able to defy change, and have my blog the way I want it, but right now it feels inevitable that I won't be able to do this anymore.

The last straw really was when they started doing the whole country specific redirection bull (see below) and it broke my commenting system, to a point where I've lost ALL my comments -.-

Idk, maybe I need a change. I use my Google way too much anyway, so anyone with half a brain could easily somehow hack into my account and find out my true identity (its almost happened before!) and I really need to protect that.

Maybe I guess I like change, but that being said, I LOVE being able to edit HTML and sort out the template in Blogger. Hmmm ... I've invested wayyy too much time & energy, so I guess I'll keep it open house :/

Comments there .. are kinda sorta working? I don't know yet .. I'm still working on imports, exports, moderating comments, etc. People subscribed to my RSS won't be affected since I transferred to the new feed. People who WILL be effected: Google Friend Connect kids .. and also people who've subscribed to me via Google Reader. Friend Connect / Follow .. well I don't know what you guys will do, I personally don't really Follow people cos I find it easier to subscribe on Reader. People on Reader, you can easily just add the above URL to my Tumblr blog and it should be all systems go :)

I know I know ... I worked so hard with the branding and perfecting of everything, and some of you might be sick of all the changes, but its really okay :) well ... its not such a big deal, and if you don't wanna follow me, thats fine too :P

Besides .. I don't think I'll be posting much anytime soon ... FINAL PRE-GRADUATION EXAMS IN A MONTH ahhh. Pray for me please.

Okay, safe, adios, peace, etc, etc.

Verrry good chance I'll be back :)

PS - my chat box to the left should still be working.

Au revoir my lovelies :)

PPS - don't worry, I'm still stalking you through words :)

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