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Thursday, March 29, 2012 | 6:54 pm | Comment ⇢
You'll notice that all my comments are down.

You might also notice blogger redirecting pages.

Without prior warning, Google has started redirecting people to country specific blogger pages ... kind of like when you type as your URL in like Japan and it redirects it to if you happen to be located in Japan via your IP address. How it affects blogs is, if I access a blog from the UK, the URL automatically redirects me to from

I don't know how it affects people using Blogger comments, but its seriously broken up my Disqus commenting system. Posts loading on the redirected page wouldn't show up my comments, and at the same time, comments from a user in India wouldn't show up unless I physically stopped redirection using the /ncr code after the URL.

Basically, Blogger's new move has messed up Disqus and left us in the dark :(

I don't know whats happening. I changed the settings on Disqus and migrated threads back and forth from .com to and it helped once, but meh.

Ya'll know how I am with being a perfectionist and I just don't have the time to play around with heaps of javascripts to see whats working and whats not because I have exams in like a few weeks ... and than I'll be a graduate (iA) ... DOOMDOOMDOOOOOM (creepy music).

So people ... please please please help if you've found a solution! Use the comment box on the side for links to any solutions!

I looked at this javascript by Amit, but I don't know if I want to risk using it from what I've read in the comments about it being against Google's TOS, but if you want to take a risk, you can find his blog here.

You can also stop redirection by putting in your URL followed by /ncr so my page would be

Till this is fixed, I'm going to disable comments!

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