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Sunday, August 26, 2012 | 5:25 am | Comment ⇢
So I fixed my template (it was causing a few problems / cross-browser incompatibility issues) and also added a functioning search bar :D comments are still down and I'm missing 439 comments which haven't imported back from Disqus properly :( so I'm working on that still .. but since thats kind of out of my hand I'm pretty much free to update (well free if you don't count all the other countless shit I have to do) so I thought I'd give you a run down of upcoming things :D

1. Lets talk about sex marriage baby :P yeah I know, its like a totally overdone thing in some blogs but like I'm kind of super excited about it .. but also kinda scared obviously and I think I'd like to share my process cos I like looking back and smiling at myself :D (except my earliest posts .. I deleted a lot of them but some of them are still here and man I used to be some violent pissy person :O)  and also I think you people would be entertained, and also hopefully help me out / give me advice, etc :) I've got a few draft posts about this topic where I explain the process of arranged marriages in Bengali cultures (slightly different I think), the actual marriage and events in Bengali cultures, etc ... before moving on to my journey to find a buyer? LOL xP

2. I have heaps of beauty posts lined up as well (I can just see my male readers just shaking their heads) ... I know, I know, another overdone thing .. but I'm the type of person who likes reading in depth about stuff before I buy em .. and for make up anyway not all the products have swatches, and not all swatches are reflective of different skin tones sooo I think this might be helpful to someone?! Plus I saw some video swatches which I thought was so cool, so I might do that as well!

3. I have some skin care stuff to share as well :P (where is lil-bee and whats happened to her imaginary penis?!) [I think my liberal use of such terms is whats making a porn site my number 1] {I know, triple brackets! Math nuts .. go nuts ;)} ... ANYHOO so yeah, I just wanted to do this because I have mild eczema which itches like a bitch and stands out like a mofo .. erm okay its really not that bad Alhamdullilah but it used to annoy me and make me uncomfortable but ever since I started using Clarisonic, all my patches are gone so woohoo :D I wanted to share that & other skin stuff I use which have helped me and I think it would be helpful cos I know personally I gotta search if something is compatible to my skin conditions or not but not a lot of places have that information specific to extra dry and/or eczema kinda skin so yea (phew excess brackets and a super large grammar raping long sentence :O) [OKAY again with the terminology ... the referral thing is beginning to make sense to me!]. Anyway so I've got some stuff about creams I use, oils I use, face mists, face acids (yeah really), serums, etc, etc ... as well as how the Clarisonic helped me and some cleansers which are good for my skin and compatible with my Clarisonic!

4. MAN STUFF. Like not stuff about men but MANLY STUFF. I hope. Nothing planned but I need to do something to balance out all the female hormones going on with the posts above and bring back some beloved testosterone! Possibly stuff about technology / gadgets / codes / games / etc :)

5. RANDOM STUFF. Well .. duh? I have lots of random drafts saved up so I need to get to writing them up! While most are a few sentences about stuff I want to write about, I have a good 10 or so from my trip in Bangladesh last Eid .. and they are all written up and stuff. I was gonna put them up as scheduled posts, one a week .. but I kinda also wanna gush about the whole marriage stuff :P Idk, seeing as I plan and plan .. and rarely execute, I think its safe to just go ahead and schedule them into a weekly thing. Or daily thing. I don't know .. I don't wanna overindulge you lot :P WAIT AND WATCH!

ANYHOW .. wow that ended up being a long post! I usually stay up till Fajr and have nothing to do (well actually this is not true but I thought I'd use today's wait time to be a bit more productive) so maybe I'll use this time to write up the above .. then again, maybe not! Hope ya'll are happy and well, where ever you are! 

On Monday, September 10, 2012, Blogger Nas wrote:

⇢ When are you actually gonna post some of these?! Jaldi karo yaaaaaaar.

On Friday, September 14, 2012, Blogger lil-bee wrote:

⇢ LOL erm lil-bee time means probably like next year :P plus I have some builder over and he's taking aaaages (unsurprisingly) and so like no access to shiz. Plus man is busy applying to stuff cos unemployment is not cool with the parentals (seriously, its like I.WANT.MY.INVESTMENT.RETURNS.NOW ... sheesh, like I'm some piece of meat :/) .. but I'll get to you. Some day.

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