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I'm still breathing!
Saturday, November 19, 2011 | 10:52 pm | Comment ⇢
Hey FFs,

I know, I'm horrible. I'm suffering from yet another word vomit famine, as you can tell. Super sorry! But I did warn you from before :P

I am still alive and kicking it (though I don't know what exactly I'm kicking at?!) .. just super busy with life atm :(

I've got HEAPS of draft posts ... I'm not promising anything, but I will try (don't count on it) to type em up and set em up as scheduled posts at different intervals for your entertainment.

I've also got a huge reading list, I randomly read bits and bobs .. so sorry for not responding to your literary genius in a while .. I WILL get to it though .. after all, you've put in so much effort JUST for my viewing (err .. reading?!) pleasure ;) lolol.

Um .. I guess thats about it really! Hope ya'll are doing well :)

Btw, I randomly checked some blogs .. and a lot of you are missing :( :( what gives man?! Some have privatized their blogs, some have closed em down, some have missing URLS .. what the eff? COME BACK YOU FREEKS!

Seriously .. I miss you :(

Hermia .. an amazing chick with an amazing blog .. that unfortunately she was forced to make private and eventually shut down due to stalkers :( such a loss :(

CFJ .. giiirl, I know you got anonymous hate about who you are and who you might have been pretending to be .. but eff it! I miss you dude :( come back! Who cares what people say or think? I'm with ya!

& Ovais .. well not quite (THANK GOD) but you almost did close down dude! Don't do that you selfish git!!! Lol, seriously though, I'll miss you as I'm sure a lot of other readers will too :)

And everyone else! Seriously, I'm getting to checking (haha rhyme) your posts .. so if some more of you are missing .. well, sad times :(

Random shout outs:

My pervy trio - Nasinder & NiO :)


TLS .. dude you're so hilarious :D I'm kind of annoyed that I haven't been able to make time to read your posts :( but I'll be swimming my way back to your page ASAP (I hope)


If I missed out on anyone .. or if you aren't feeling the love ... COME CLOSER AND OPEN UP YOUR SHIRTS .. um HEARTS! *transmits cyber love and other junk*

Also .. since I'm on the topic of shout outs .. I have a new shoutbox :) so shout away! Seriously .. its a bit lonesome in there :(

Muchos love & randomalities


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