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I'm a LPP
Friday, July 29, 2011 | 4:37 am | Comment ⇢
i.e. a Lazy Procreative Perfectionist.

Not a good match o.O

Means I need / want everything to be perfect, but am too lazy to do anything about imperfection, and a procreator so I take my time to do what needs to be done!

Comments are back up FFs .. so comment your heart out :)

Please please please let me know if something is wrong with the Disqus comment system or if you can't access it using my tag board :)

Its still not perfect, but I'm trying to sort everything out .. one at a time.

The only problem I have with it right now is that it still shows old blogger comments in the old blogger format, and has the disqus commenting system under it, like it feels detached and segregated :( there is a way (I think) of 'fixing' this .. but I don't want to take a risk as I'll end up losing all my comments if I do :(

Soooo .. I guess I'll learn to be happy with what I have!

PS - thank you guys for you patience, support and understanding :P now go have a bulimic word attack on all my newly commentable posts :)

PPS - Don't forget to give me feedback on the new Disqus commenting system I've installed please guys .. negatives and positives :) if you don't like it, I'll quickly change it back to blogger :)

Ciao for now xx

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