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I'm High
Tuesday, July 26, 2011 | 10:19 pm | Comment ⇢
So I'm generally a very smiley giggly dopey kind of person. In fact I've had classmates, friends and even teachers (and my family on a few occasions) actually seriously think I was on drugs lolol.

I think its nice, to be easily entertained. But I'm not liking the dopey aspect so much .. because, well .. I don't want to be dopey lol. Like its affecting my memory and what not, like today, just now in fact, I had a plan on what I was going to write about in this post. And I've TOTALLY forgotten the point. In like literally 2 minutes. Opps. And secondly, there are quite a few girls, who do the whole *giggle giggle OMG I'm so stupid, aren't I super cute aweee* thing .. and because I'm all giggly giggly, and in real life dopey, sometimes I'm like OMG please don't think I'm hitting on you and being a fake girly girl o.O

But anyway .. well, as I just said, I kinda forgot what I wanted to say about this whole post. So I'll just say this: I went to see my recently married friend today. And we were watching her wedding video .. and aww, they are just so adorable :D like I couldn't stop smiling at them (and I'm really not a girly type of person and PDA usually makes me go bleughh) .. like you could proper see the love in between them :) so inshAllah I'll pray that they have a long happy life together mashAllah :)

Also, I can't waiiit till Ramadan! Like alhamdullilah I've been fasting all of them since I was a kid, and its a big thing in our family (and the Muslim population in general) but I feel this year is more special, because I've become more spiritually aware of things :D so yay, bring on Ramadan!

Lolol, I don't know how I'll be feeling after the first fast though :P 17.5 hours yo!!! Good luck all :)

PS - yes I know, the commenting thing is still kind of messed up .. hopefully it will be back up soon! Till than, I hope ya'll are doing amazing :D

Peace and love (and excessive psycho smiling)

lil-bee x

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