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Sunday, July 24, 2011 | 5:59 am | Comment ⇢

So ya'll know I've been pondering about the hijaab for a while now. I wear it when I go to mosques / religious gatherings, but its mostly been just a normal covering over my head. I've recently been looking up on all things fashionable hijab (okay really, that is kind of besides the point, but anyhow) and asking my friend to show me how she does it and how she accessorizes it, etc.

Anyway .. when I'll start wearing it, I don't know .. there are some issues I'm having with it and my parents. Anyway, that is for another post / older post elaboration (something I promise I'll do soon! Um .. TRY to do soon?) .. but I was thinking, I love music! And I know Islamically you shouldn't really be listening to music .. but lets take it one step at a time yeah?

So .. what about headphones / earphones? Like the other day I tried to shove my earphones while wearing hijab, and it was kinda difficult. I usually like wearing my headphones from Sennheiser, but they are kinda MASSIVE. Will it look kinda silly? Well I wear trainers with my dresses (and totally pull it off, I have awesome trainers!) and don't care what people think .. but hijab is a bit more sensitive nah? Like, won't other hijabi's look at me and go wtf because I'm listening to music on my big fat headphones even though its haraam? :O

Meh, idk. Maybe I'll do this. Maybe I'll get another pair of big-but-not-too-big headphones like these from Marc Jacobs? Special story behind Marc Jacobs too ;) or maybe I'll just struggle with my earphones. Bleh.

What do ya'll think?

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