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Just Shut Up & Sit Down!
Friday, July 22, 2011 | 2:18 am | Comment ⇢
Disclaimer: bitch fest ahead.


I'm gonna be bitchy. But this girl has been getting on my nerves for like the past 3 months.

She seems to be under the disillusion that she's God's gift on earth. Yes yes, I know .. this is a bit kettle-pot, coming from Cocky Narcissist numero uno. But still .. like, there is an art to whoredom, and bullshitting. And if you don't respect the art, I won't respect you!

Like okay, she posts the same 7 photographs of her, on our group page .. every bloody month. Like without fail. Same exact photographs. No one even comments on them or says shit. Just stop? GET THE HINT?

And like, she keeps saying shit about how everyone hits on her, and how she's so stressed, because she can't go ANYWHERE without getting hit on. Um .. maybe she thinks that when she stands in corners and people ask her how much, its like getting hit on. No sweetie, just no.

And she makes awkward comments. Like basically making it out that she's some easy slut. This is her latest strategy to get attention. Such as earlier, she was saying how she wishes she had some skills in life to pay for stuff .. and than she said how she does have a very good skill, but its illegal, but would pay loads and is fun. Basically saying she's a prostitute.

Like UGH. More than the fact that she's harping on and on about herself (when no one gives a shit, clearly), I'm more annoyed by her pathetic need for attention and assurance from other people, mainly other guys.

Be your own woman, why are you playing yourself out to be a piece of sex meat, why should anyone respect you, when you don't even respect yourself?

Harping on and on and on about how the whole world fancies her. Bruv, is the whole world blind? Have our standards disappeared?

Sometimes I just feel like slapping her with a wet fish (well I am Bengali) and screaming at her that if she was worth all the shit she spews out, she wouldn't have to try so hard to get some spare scraps of left over bones -.-

Just shut up and sit down!



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