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Friday, July 01, 2011 | 6:29 pm | Comment ⇢
My cousin is my therapist. He thinks if Freud was alive, he's get a raging .. well you know, because I'm all the mental 'diseases' packed into one :D well I don't like the word diseases .. I prefer quirky unique good crazy weirdness :D

But anyway .. some background information:

1. I'm a British Bengali (not from Sylhet)

2. I'm a heterodox Development Economist

3. I'm a Sunni-Sufi Muslim with some Shi'ism thrown into the mix (we're spiritual I would say .. not hard core Sufism, but my family and ancestors have a long history of following it, Shi'ism because we also follow / love the Ahlulbayt, Sunni .. I think we practice  in its terms otherwise? .. Hybrid / Pick & Mix Muslim?!)

I don't know. I guess if I wanted to categorize my posts, I don't personally see a link. But those three things, I suppose, are an important part of me .. and so my posts might be influenced by them.

And I know a lot of people have a problem with 3.

So I'm putting it out there. Just so you know. And can excuse yourself if you are so inclined. :)

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