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Wednesday, July 20, 2011 | 6:42 pm | Comment ⇢
I've always had a thing for designing (Photoshop, publisher, Dreamweaver, HTML, etc), photography, art (glass painting, anime sketching, henna, make-up etc), music (singing in English & Bengali), drama and writing (short stories).

And I know a bit or two about ^em all .. but I do this thing, where I get all passionate and knowledge hungry and spend a lot of time sketching, or singing or something. And than I get bored and move on :P its kind of an annoying trait of mine, because I spent time on ^em regularly, I'd be good.

But bleh .. anyway right now I'm all hyped up over HTML designing and layouts :D I use this for my layouts and than I edit the fudge out of them .. well okay slightly, but I like scrounging the web for my own little tid bits and tweaking and what not.

I really wanna work on my singing and drama though, because those things excite me so much :D plus like apparently I'm funny too .. good mix? :D

I really really want to learn how to play an instrument too. My parents made me learn how to play the harmonium (Asian piano) when I was a kid, but than my teacher left and I never went to the new teacher, and I never really learned how to listen to tunes and make em out on the harmonium.

My dream instrument to learn to play would be the drums. I think drums are kick arse, and so rock. Plus I'm lazy, so unlike the guitar (such a cliche I think), I can sit down and play :D

But also, I wanna learn how to play the ukulele because its so cute and portable, and I like acoustic styles better than electrics :)

I LOVE Matt Bellamy. I think he's such a brilliant and talented musician, and I get all happy emotional teary whenever I see Muse live :D

Yeah going to concerts will be kind of awkward when I become a hijabi (inshAllah) .. but I guess I'll like wear a really tight undercap and pin up like crazy so it doesn't come off during the moshing :D or something :// but people might look at me all awkward, the lone hijabi haha. Oh wells .. worse comes to worse, I guess I could get seating tickets. Though I think the best and only way to enjoy rock concerts is to be part of the standing crowd.

Ach. Weird random post, digressing as usual. I guess I just wanted to share that I've been layout whoring instead of doing my work opps .. but its so fun, and exciting .. to think how you can change it and make it your own :D

I guess I've got this creative flair and tings because I'm like left handed (I know, how AWESOME?) and also a Leo .. yeah I rule the Sun 8-)

Muchos lurve as always :D

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