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A New Beginning .. again?
Tuesday, July 19, 2011 | 3:27 am | Comment ⇢
Hey fierce (thats Tyra for awesome) followers,

You may have noticed that I changed my blog title a while ago. If you haven't already, notice now .. that I've also changed my blog URL to reflect the new blog title.

I know some of my old pre-widget-times followers have bookmarked my page, and they will lose out and freak out (lol) .. but I think most people who regularly read my bullshiz will know where to get their hit ;) but since I've altered my blogger username as well, I thought this was a good time to update the URL too.

As I'm changing in life, my perspectives are changing too. And it is (hopefully) being reflected in my blog as well. And while I started off with this blog as a rant-space, I think I'm more lil-hapbee (geddit) than lil-beeyotch now a days. But where ever in life I am, I think being random is an integral part of me and something I'll always channel, so I thought I'd keep it all based on randomness.

I'm a bit of a womanizer and manizer (halal meat only, don't worry haha) so I thought the play on words of random and womanizer, and randomizer was fun. Plus I've got a little connection to the statistical term as well so .. welcome to :)

As for the alteration in my name .. well, some nice people felt uncomfortable calling me a lil beeyotch (bitch) way back when, and would refer to me as lil-b. And since I'm less of a beeyotch, and also not using beeyotch-ness as the focal point of my blogdentity (I'm on a roll behbeh) .. I thought I'd shorten it to lil-bee. Even though I HATE bees. I thought it would be cute. Plus it could like stand for lil-begum. But it would still be me, since I've been using this blogdentity for ages and ages and ages!

Finally, (yes, yes I promise this informative and boring post will end after this final note) .. I'm thinking of changing up my layout and stuff too! I love this layout, we've had some good times. And I've invested a lot of time over tweaking and perfecting all the HTML codes .. but I think its time for a change .. something SLIGHTLY more adult. Slightly. Very very slightly. And I've got some good long term (ish) ideas for the new layout too :D

I'm working on personalizing the codes as we speak, so I'll leave the rambling for now. Just thought I'd let my FFs (fierce followers) know whats up .. cos I'm thoughtful like that ;)

Muchos lurve, as always.

Ze one and only .. lil-bee x

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