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Friday, July 01, 2011 | 8:20 pm | Comment ⇢
Okay. I'll probably get bollocks for this post. But it needs to be said.

Muslims bro. Why are we so sensitive?!

Yes, I know anti-discriminatory laws are here for a reason. And yes, I'd totally back someone who got fired for discriminatory reasons.

I'm against the hijab ban. That's taking away a freedom of right. Freedom to choose our religion, and what we do in our free time.

But c'mon now. Some jobs are based on certain guidelines. Like modelling. You can't exactly want to model, and wear a hijab. Of course you can do hijabi modelling (err ..) .. but its just how the industry is.

Discrimination on looks. Certain industries need it. And rightfully so. Like for instance, if some spotty person was the model for a spot treatment cream .. who would buy it? Clearly it doesn't work, since the model has spots. So it makes sense, that advertising agencies would pick models with clear skin. Some jobs are based on looks. While others on skills.

Likewise, Airline companies have specific uniforms. Stewardesses for instance have a hell of a job. My cousin is a stewardess, and they have strict guidelines about a person's look / weight, etc .. and even dictate to them what lipstick shade they need to wear (and this is Qatar Airways)!

The world is superficial. But it has a right to be what it wants. Freedom of expression, or whatever.

Seriously. They get dismissed if they get fat. Or all of a sudden have bad skin they can't cover up with make up. Its a job based on looks. And while that is unfortunate, it kind of makes sense too, because that is what the industry is about. Looks and presentation are a huge part of customer service and front house work.

A&F (mmm) for instance, employ people based on looks.

Its like when a restaurant has a right to deny services to whom they wish to. Its their establishment, and if someone is causing trouble, they have a right to deny service.

Of course I'm not saying that those rights aren't abused by people. Sometimes people are denied entrance because the restaurant manager is a racist prick who hates black people.

Just saying.

Anyway. I think Muslims sometimes get too sensitive over issues, and everything is labelled as being Islamaphobic. Don't get me wrong .. sometimes it is.

But really .. if a headscarf isn't part of the airline uniform .. its not part of the airline uniform. I'm sure if a Jew wanted to wear a kippah, they would be asked to remove it too. And its not just religious dress codes that are being 'discriminated' against. The same rule applies to someone with a lot of facial piercings or tattoos for example. They would be asked to remove their piercings, or remove themselves from the job.

In the same way, non-Muslims who want to work for Iran Air HAVE to wear headscarfs, because that is their uniform. Wouldn't it be right that a person who refuses to wear headscarf (and therefore go against the company uniform) be fired too?

Its something the woman who got fired probably should have expected. Sure, Air France should apologize if they have behaved rudely with her, and apologize that they have to fire her. But I don't think they should apologize for asking her to adhere to their uniform. Its just their company policy.

Sure, Air France and its owners might be racist and hate Muslims. But in terms of employment law .. well it makes sense that they'd fire a hijabi if the hijab conflicts with their stewardess uniform.

Maybe they should have offered her a back of house job or something.

Anyway .. we need to relax, and stop screaming Islamaphobia at everything single thing.

Call me a bitch. :/

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