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Tuesday, August 16, 2011 | 12:20 am | Comment ⇢
My dudette CFJ tagged me, check her out, she's funny :D

So without much further ado .. here it goes ... [don't worry, I won't do this kind of thing a lot, but since I don't really have an about me I thought I might as well this one time xD]

– Available: For what? What are the hours like? How about the pay? Cos .. well I do need a job :P

– Age: Err .. can we not answer this? Cos I'm kinda old. Though its pretty easy to figure out how old I am from my blog .. you just gotta look :P but its not worth it haha

– Animals: Have it kinda easy. Humans are kinda sucky no? If I was an animal, I'd so be a cat. Or a lion, cos I'm a Leo ;) I'd probably be a Savannah cat .. best of both? Its cos I have a weird biting obsession (RIP the battery cover of our Sky remote o.o) and I looooove stretching whenever I lie down. But hey, I'm not an animal so oh well. I'd love to be a bird though, so I could fly hiiigh :D except I'm scared of heights so Idk how that would work out :/ anyway, I'll end on the note that I'm scared of almost ALL animals .. except perhaps horses, so I guess I choose horse! I love horses, I think they are amazing and so intelligent :) plus I swear Duldul was kick ass :D

– Beer: I prefer ginger ale to ginger beer to be honest. I've had root beer but it was kinda bleh. Apparently they have alcohol free beer :/ whats the point? Most of my friends say beer tastes gross anyway o.O

– Best friends: Are mostly great :) but sometimes they can be so frustrating!

– Body part on opposite sex: Can I get back to you on that after Ramadan? lolol ;)

– Best feeling in the world: Being kind to strangers / witnessing it in other people :) seriously, this one makes me smile so much .. when strangers show kindness / niceness towards others for no reason except to be nice :) or when I'm sitting on the tube and someone less able to stand comes, and I'm like do you want to sit, and they mostly get all oh gosh thank you so much and you're like aww :D people need to be more kind .. its the little things you know :) except when I ask them if they want to sit, I think I sound a bit aggressive + morning croaky voice so it must be a scary ordeal where they think they HAVE to accept my kindness out of fear haha

– Best weather: I get head aches under the sun and I've never really liked the heat :( I just don't like being all hot and sweaty .. feel me? Gross haha .. but anyway my favorite weather would be sunny, but with a cool breeze :) a bit like Canada at the end of Autumn near Lake Ontario :)

– Been in love: I thought so but thankfully it turned out to be teenage stupidity and hormones :P

– Been on stage: Yup! I liked it more when I was skinnier / less self conscious .. yes even cocky miss bee gets all OMG I'm fat but anyhow, I remember the last time was at this award ceremony at Lords (I'm a G, yeah I know) where we won and got up on the stage and the host asked me a question and I tried to wrestle the mike from his hand, proper baffled about why he wasn't giving it to me .. than I looked up at him, saw the lights and camera and froze up. Can you spell EMBARRASSING?! No really .. cos I always mess up trying to spell it. Thank God for spelling correction :P

– Believe in magic: If RT#1 is anything to go by .. :P but on a level, yeah I think magic exists. It says so in the Quran about Harut and Marut so obviously I believe in it. Its pretty scary stuff :/

– Believe in Santa: Do I believe that people dress up as Santa and surprise kids? Hells yeah .. it happens. Of course he is real .. as for the legend .. err. Oh who cares, we never get Christmas presents anyway :P well I used to, but it stopped now :( but the food usually still happens .. mmm Yorkshire puddings and gravy xD

– Brand: There's something you should know .. I'm a HUGE Linux fanboi. I love it! So Linux (and Android since its pretty much the same base language) all the way .. followed by Macintosh, because they both follow Unix and also because I'm a bit of an aesthetic whore xD

– Candy: Is a song by Aaron Carter. Don't ask me how I know this! *whistles* I just remembered I can't whistle .. tried like hell but just couldn't do it. So never mind :O

– Colour: I'm a nice shade of brown :D well I think so, but I think its a weird off-white yellowish brown. Man, I love tans, I think they are beautiful :D my fave color would be that nice caramel brown that many mixed race White / Black people have :D

– Chocolate / vanilla: Chocolate all the way :D brown pride .. yeaaaaah. Lol, I kid, I kid. I just really like chocolate though soft ice cream is super nice :D what is that? Is it even vanilla? Or flavorless ice cream? Cornish Vanilla is really nice too :D mmm .. now I'm craving ice cream! Sheesh thanks :/

- Chinese/Indian/Italian: I'm Indian. Though sometimes when I'm smiling reaaaally hard I look Chinese :D

- Cake or pie: What kind of sick joke is this? Stop asking me about food during Ramadan you FOOL! And also .. why must I pick? Why can't I have both?? You sick sick sadist x(

– Cheese: OMG I've recently discovered dessert cheese and its brilliant :D like seriously, so nice with digestive biscuits :D

– Day or night: I was going to say how you can't have one without the other so how do you expect me to choose but than I remembered that some places in the world fall under the polar circle and they have periods where they have day without night, and vice versa .. but I've personally never experienced it so I can't choose :)

– Dancing in the rain: Brings back some great childhood memories :D

– Eyes: Or more specifically my eye make up is probably the most complimented physical part of me. It used to be my hair at some point but since I'm putting it away for the time being, I guess I'll stick with the eyes :) I must admit, I have some mad eye make up skills dawg :D

– Ever failed a class?: Um .. twice in my life. Once when I was in The Third World and my Bengali was super weak, I got a red mark (read: fail) at the end of year exams :/ the other time more recently in a unit at university .. by ONE mark. Pfft. I was really upset, but everything happens for a reason so .. plus my floppage was TOTALLY my fault. Because I didn't hand in any of my assignments this year, but still managed to pass overall Alhamdullilah!

– Enemies: Public enemy number 1 .. SATAN! Damn bastard, messing up my deen o.o

– Exercise: Something I need to get into major times .. and keep at it! Exercise is so good for you, it gives you stamina, makes you release all this feel happy hormones and makes you all nice and toned :D in my case, I NEED it to lose some major weight .. like seriously, I miss all my nice clothes and all my 31 (and counting) pairs of heels are harder to wear with all this body weight to support on a tiny surface area of the heel :/ I've even got a gym at home .. yallah, I'm such a lazy bum :O

– First thoughts waking up: Wow that was a weird dream! Omg I can't believe I overslept AGAIN. Oh wait, I must rub my eyes for Sunnah! Than I lie and pray Surah Fatiha / Ikhlaas and Durood / Ayat ul Kursi :) its a good practice Alhamdullilah. Than I think about all the food I'm gonna eat mmm / general random thoughts .. finally moving on to damn I should get up and go have some tea (or not if its Ramadan lol).

– Food: Is my Kryptonite? Seriously, I've got an unhealthy obsession with food :O

– Greatest fear: Not going to Jannat / facing the wrath of Allah on the Day of Judgement / being sent to Hell :'( seriously, this scares me so much, I actually start crying!

– Get along with your parents: Most of the time :P they annoy me sometimes but than I remember just how much they've done for me and how even a little uff would hurt them / piss them off and I try to apologise (cos saying sorry is almost as hard as saying I love you :O).

– Hair colour: Is something I've played around with a lot! I've had blue, pink, orange, yellow, 'blonde', black, purple, red, brown .. so many colours! My favourite colour would be Rihanna Red, maybe a shade darker, but that level of brightness! But my mum would beat me if I did that :P plus I don't think its very professional and since I'll graduate and move into the world of employment soon, I think I've gone past the age to do it :( unless I start wearing hijab and than I can go Ri Red :D

– Happy: Alhamdullilah :) I think happiness is a choice (to an extent) that everyone should be choosing :)

– Holiday: Yes please???

– Ice cream: There you go again, you sick beep. I swear if you don't stop with the food .. I SCREAM! lols sorry, lame joke .. but for reals. Stoppit!

– Jewellery: I think jewellery is a complete waste of money. Seriously, I can't stand it! I think there is a certain amount women should have, like a few sets to wear occasionally but any more is such a waste. Me personally, I only wear jewellery that I don't have to take off (my four ear rings, nose stud and Allahu necklace, all real gold cos I'm allergic and won't be able to wear artificial for too long .. which kinda defeats the point of jewellery I don't have to take off) and am not a big fan of imitation jewellery. My aunt on the other hand .. mashAllah she is blessed with a rich husband but she buys diamonds and rubies (thankfully she isn't crazy about Bentleys lol ;P) like pretty much every month. Are you flipping kidding me?! Do you know how many heels / bags (which I think have a purpose in life), and gadgets I could get with that money? OH MY DAYS. Kmt.

– Job: Should be more of an opportunity for us to enjoy our passions than a necessity. If thats the view we take, we won't be happy with our jobs! My dream job would be to work with IBM :D or Google (cos I'm such a huge fanboi) lolol.

– Kids: Are brilliant before they learn to speak :P though I guess with your own ones, you'd be more tolerant :) I love kids, I think they are amazing and so innocent, with the most beautiful of hearts :D I want 4 kids iA: 2 boys and 2 girls! I even know the order - girl, boy, girl, boy .. OR boy, girl, girl, boy :D

– Kick boxing or karate: I personally had a obsession with Mr Miyagi and most of the Karate Kids so I'd love to be able to do karate :D but I think in a dangerous situation, it might be more useful to know how to kick box someone to the floor :P

– Keep a journal?: Many times. It always started off with nice fountain pen handwriting, details and frequency .. but times were off, my writing became crap and the journal was on pause till the next time I got a new journal :D

– Love: Is so much more stronger than hate can / should ever be :)

– Laughed so hard you cried: Haha yeah :D I think there is an Asian superstition that you shouldn't laugh too much (tauba katoh i.e ask forgiveness / Astagfirullah) as than you'd be made to cry due to the balance of the universe? But I think they just got that off the physical reaction some people have when laughing too much :P

- Milk flavour: OMG when I was a little girl, and in The Third World, there was this ice cream man (lol oh my days, now even I'm talking about it gee thanks :P) with his little freezer on top of cycle business who would stand outside the school bus stop / pick up place and whenever my mum would come to pick me up I'd make her buy me this chocolate milk from milkvita and it was hands down THE best chocolate milk that I have ever had! I'm so sad because I think you can only find it in Bangladesh :(

– Movies: Have gone downhill in quality in recent years :( nothing original and just sex sex sex >.<

– Motion sickness: Should be the new anti-Blackberry slogan .. geddit? Research in motion .. motion sickness? LOL I kid I kid, Blackberries aren't TOO bad and at least there isn't the whole iPhone hype (excuse number 1: you aren't holding it right) .. losers o.O

– Number: Are not the same as letters.

– One wish: Is a song by Ray J?

– Perfect pizza: Would have lots of cheese, garlic, jalapeños (from Mexico, the ones in England aren't spicy at all!), mushrooms, onions, pineapple and lots of meat :D

– Pepsi/Coke: Coke hands down. Seriously .. glass bottled coke = best thing ever. Mmm I love GBC :D

– Perfume/Cologne: I know its haram, but I put on like sooo much perfume, I literally drench myself in it! Seriously, I start off with 2 sprays on the neck area, 3 under each arm / side ending with 1 spray each on my ears / behind ears. I've got a sensitive nose and I'm always worried of smelling weird :O My fave female perfumes .. man, I have too many perfumes, but one I always wear is Britney Spears Fantasy (I've got like 5 bottles stocked up) :D another fave is Crystal Noir by Versace but its so rare and expensive! And its got a special smell, like not everyone is gonna like it, but I love it :D I like Armani Code too :) and Harajuku Lovers have the cutest smelling perfumes and such kick ass bottles! :D there's one that smells like Pina Colada! Men's cologne smell amazing! Well that would make sense that they make it enticing to women :O I especially like Chanel's Allure and Attitude by Armani :) its got the sickest bottle as well! Sometimes I go to my cousin's room and steal his perfumes :D I usually get eau de toilette which is less concentrated, but I've got like eau de parfums and without realizing, I sprayed my usual 10 shots .. such a huge waste (cos EDP is usually more expensive) and you could smell me like 10 miles away :O it was a strong parfum too, Let it Rock by Westwood .. ah well.

– Quail: Is one skinny bird! I remember having it once and there was barely anything! I really liked quail egg though :) so small and cute!

– Reason to cry: Mostly hormones, which sucks because I'm NOT an emotional person, never have been .. till the hormones went all crazy .. so annoying -.- otherwise I sometimes cry when I'm really angry .. its some weird reaction my body has to calm me down :O

– Reality T.V: Jerseylicious and TOWIE :P I loooove it, despite disputes on their 'reality' aspect :P reem ;D

– Radio Station: Its mostly moving around from Kiss 100 to Choice FM with occasional Capital, Heart and XFM.

– Song: Pretty much everything by Muse and Linkin Park. Though I'm trying to cut down on songs .. hmmm .. do anasheed count? Muhammad Al Husayn has some awesome ones :D

– Shoe size: I'm a UK 5.5 which means all my trainers are UK 6 / 6.5 but all my heels HAVE to be UK 5 or they get too loose .. I have such weird feet. Feet are gross bleghh :( I've got some size 7 shoes as well though .. told you, I've got weird feet! OMG, your picturing it now aren't you? Gross .. you really are sick :O

– Salad dressing: Ahahahaha does it look sound like I'd have a favourite salad dressing??? I don't eat salad, I ain't a cow .. I don't like grass! That being said though, I've had some AMAZING dressing, two different kinds and they completely transformed grass (aka salad) and made it so nice! One was this mango dressing, so nice! The other one was a Japanese dressing, I think it was soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and some other stuff, it was sooo nice!

– Skinny dip: So all the gross sea creatures go up stuff? ALLOW IT. :///

– Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries when they are sweet :D but I looove blueberries! I love em both :)

– Sport: Football all the way. REAL football .. you know, the one where you actually play with a ball using your foot? And no its not called soccer. Americans are SO stupid I swear down .. how does that even make sense??? Gunners all the way :D yes I know .. we lost yet ANOTHER to Barcelona, but whatever .. I've always supported my local team and I will continue to do so! I'm not some glory hunting fan .. though a trophy (or both) would be nice!

- Sex: Is overhyped. Everywhere you go, its all sex sex sex. Like on the TV, they have sex scenes everywhere. Without reason .. like it doesn't even add to the story! Whats the point??? If I wanted to watch porn, I'd rent some. Can we please allow the public sexing everywhere? Seriously I've stopped watching stuff with my parents now .. its just too embarrassing. Pfft.

– Tattoos?: Always wanted one, but I'd never get one cos they are haram and I'm a pussy; scared of needles :P though black henna tattoos would be nice but I swear they are supposed to be really bad for you???

– Thunderstorms: Are so humbling .. its like, we think we're worth shit and Allah shows us our true worth with all these natural calamities :O but other than the fear and humbling factor, I love thunderstorms :D they are so cool, especially when its a dark and stormy night with hard rain ... obviously when I'm safely inside haha

– Unpredictable: British weather! Actually its pretty predictable .. its gonna be all over the place, with a bit of rain!

– Vacation spot(s): You're a bit of a sadist aren't you? Asking me about all these foods and jabbing at me with dreams of holidays while I'm stuck at home :O anyway, I love Thailand!!! Absolutely love the place and love the people :D Asians are some of the nicest people ever, such polite cultures .. and the Thai? Hands down, so nice and kind :D Just love them! But for relaxation, hands down I have such peace sitting next to Lake Ontario, Toronto, Canada :D

– Weakness: Bitching / judging and also being a pervert :( no joke, I'm working really hard on all these! Its easy not bitching to people, but the thoughts come to my head anyway and I've mentioned this before, I have this friend who always just thinks the best of people .. its amazing! I wish I could change my whole thought process and automatically think nice of people. Love people for the sake of Allah :) I'm working on it .. sloooowly getting there! As for the perversion, I went out today and firmly (for the most part) kept my gaze down! But its hard .. I always get these perverted thoughts that I try to halalify by thinking about mr-bee .. cos you know, everythings legit once you are married :P well .. almost everything but I'm really really not into the non-legit so its all good in the hood!

– Who makes you laugh the most: Me myself and I :P I find myself HIGH-larious! But seriously though, I have a weird and easy sense of humour. I find everything amusing and laugh waaay too much, but thats awesome :D keeps me easily entertained!

– Worst weather?: Heat. Can't stand it .. and its the worst when its super hot and dry, no wind or anything and your sitting there sweating it out like a loser. Or humid heat. All kinds of heat is blegh .. flares up my sinusitis and gives me the worst migraines I swear. I always used to get migraines and the worst heat strokes when I was living in The Third World. Gosh :( I went back to Bangladesh in the summer (we usually go when its winter) and as soon as I stepped out of the airport I literally thought I couldn't breathe cos of the humidity making the air so heavy. My mum told me to stop being melodramatic :O hello .. choking here???

– X-Rays: I'm slowly getting freaked out by you and these questions .. I've had quite a few x-rays .. but I'm not telling you where you pervert!

-Year it is now: Check your calendar! I'm not your beeyotch .. why you asking me?!

-Yellow: Something I'm planning on painting my room!

–Zoo animal: Eh? So far I've detected weird food and feet fetishes, the x-ray thing was a bit voyeur .. and now we're onto bestiality?!?! WOT THE FUDGE? I'm just gonna stop talking to you now .. thank you, good bye!

Whose IT?

So I found the whole Polar Circle thing quite interesting .. like how would you pray / break your fast in that situation?? :O my cousin doubts that there would be any Muslims in the polar circle area but than I remember reading that Norway falls inside the Polar Circle in some parts ... sooo without much further ado ...
*runs and grabs NiO*

TAG! You're it! :)

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