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This wasn't in my plans ..
Thursday, August 18, 2011 | 11:34 pm | Comment ⇢
Okay so I occasionally get topic diarrhea where I get ideas about all these things I want to talk blog about and end up publishing like 10 posts in a day where some of my more profound thoughts get ignored under fresh dump.

LOL yeah I have a problem .. I like using shit (no literally, not shit as in bad) analogies *grin grin grin*.

Anyhow so I started saving my posts in draft mode (I've literally got like a 100 posts waiting to be published muhahaha) with each new thing I want to blog about being saved as draft for later perusal.

But something happened which I must share and so here I am, posting without my guidelines ... because I just have to talk about it somewhere.

Some of you might remember my "friend", whore girl and other guy I was talking about a while back. Well, since I've started surrounding myself with better human beings who make my life experience better / more moral ... I gave those three a very big (and halal) fudge you and went on my way. I left it, and didn't even talk about it much .. because I am eating from the front haha ;) but something happened which spelled the end of this saga (for me anyway) and so I thought I'd share (without over sharing hopefully).

Lets start off with "friend" .. I didn't like his intentions from the start but than (and this was back when I was friends with him / just beginning my moral human being journey) he basically admitted (quite proudly might I add) some things to me which basically not only reinforced what I thought about him, but made me see just how sick and low he really is. So after that I very firmly and to the point told him to just leave me alone (and by this point I was so disgusted and pissed off that I didn't even feel the guilt he usually tries to dump on me) and that was that.

I backed off the other guy because I was disappointed by what he did, and than I realized he wasn't my friend to begin with (HELLO, bros before hoes?!) .. so it upset me but I wished him the best and went on my way. As for whore girl? I felt sorry for her because clearly she had some issues which made her play out against me, others .. but mostly herself so bleh.

End of the saga? They 'broke up' .. after lasting like 2 seconds (a few weeks). Really, I know I shouldn't but ... HAHAHAHAHAHA. And a big flipping HA. Did I mention? Hahahahahaha.

Other guy found out that everyone was right and she was wrong .. seriously, 'love' makes you blind, and also stupid / unable to make judgements using logic, morals and self values. Twits.

Other guy has been looking for me apparently (to apologize and to beg for my friendship presumably .. pfft) but what is lost cannot be found. Despite everything, I've been decent to him but that was for the sake of humanity and memories of our past friendship. He should have known right from wrong (initial blunder I can forget, but he continued to not know me even after the first piss up) and I'll be a fool to let him back into my life after all the shit he said and did.

I still do wish him the best for his life, but I won't be there to get splashed by the mud while he drives on dirty, dodgy roads.

On a final note. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Shame in their face. SHAME.


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