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Monday, August 22, 2011 | 4:54 am | Comment ⇢
OMG, yeah as you may have heard, I have like a 100 draft posts I need to type up and publish .. but I just haven't been able to get around to doing it. Might publish one verrry soon, its an important thing I needed to get out there ... so sorry for the wait, but we'll get to it soon :D

Till than, some random ramblings :D

My friend showed me a picture of her freshly single, very nice brother. And at first I was like woah, he's HOT! Than I saw a picture of him without his sexy aviators on and errr .. awkward silence precedes. Why does that happen? Has it happened to you? Anyway, all this just leaves me wondering about what this guy looks like without glasses. Cos he's pretty darn yummy with them :D (yeah I was looking for something randomly and he came up and I was like HELLO, how you doin???) .. also, I know we're supposed to lower our gazes (and I swear I'm trying suuuper hard) .. but does this apply to people on our screens (TV, movie, advert, etc) who we won't ever know in real life (and therefore there won't be any haram leading to more haram) who can't see us gazing at them, and so therefore there is no invite for them to be gazing at us?

I digress!

Anyway, I'm a bit special in the head I reckon. Just a bit ... well enough to have someone write a BOOK about me!!! :D

Hope ya'll are good and tings :)

Somechos Lurve :P

Ze lil-bee :) x

UPDATE: Since we're talking about perving, I like to spend my free time checking out the beautiful guys modelling for ASOS men. Ah yummy :D And since we're talking about ASOS, this is my fave shop in the whole wide world :D I LOVE ASOS. Like for real. Anyway, I recently got some more discount codes for them, so I went and got some more useless stuff :O BUT .. I've got a pact with myself that I'll donate each time I shop .. so its not all bad yeah? :)
Which reminds me .. I know we're broke students who don't have money to donate (really?) but there's one thing us students (and loads of other people) do very VERY well. Which is .. plonking about on the world wide web! I recently found this search website which basically donates to your chosen charity and all you gotta do is .. SEARCH. You can also link your online shopping and they have apps to help increase what you give. Its as simple as & FREE! I'm not getting ANYTHING out of it, so I'm only promoting it because its brilliantly simple, and depending on your net addiction, could really make a difference :) I'm a huge Google Geek, but I'm actively trying to use this website as my homepage for all my searches and what not.

Please check out EveryClick here: and lets do what we can for humanity :)

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