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Zen Disruption
Wednesday, August 24, 2011 | 2:37 am | Comment ⇢
Can I just say, I really really really hate Facebook. I mean, I've been very much in my zen zone, loving everyone and being generally good quality in the Ramadan check list .. but seriously .. every single time I'm on FB, I see something that just pisses me off.

This is exactly why I keep my FB deactivated like 9/12 .. slowly trying to increase it to 10 months and than 11 months. I'd deactivate it again, but I've got this event thing and I don't want it to show up as cancelled. Ugh, frustrations!


PS - people suck. FB is an inanimate site and therefore its suckness can only be measured by the PEOPLE who use it and in conclusion, because FB sucks so much, and this can only happen because people suck so much, people = suckers.

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