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Being Happy
Tuesday, May 17, 2011 | 4:43 pm | Comment ⇢
Its pretty easy isn't it? Find joy from the smallest things, and smile and laugh and live and enjoy life.

Smile because the sun is shining down on your face, or because the bus driver waited 30 seconds for you to run and catch it. Smile because you can and should :)

I think its really easy to find pain and sorrow in everyday life, and yeah okay maybe your life sucks, but finding happiness, it may be 'hard' but look at the little things and you'll soon find happiness in every corner :D

Haha sorry, I went all hippie like .. maybe because its good to be happy, maybe because we should do this, or maybe its because I got new heels (4.5 inches!) and while breaking them in, my blood rushed to my feet and made me light headed ;)

Does it matter? The message still stands!

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