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Random Tidbit #1
Saturday, August 06, 2011 | 5:30 am | Comment ⇢
Once upon a time, there was a little girl whose parents decided to ruin her life by moving her from where she grew up, to a strange continent, a Third World. Where the people looked different, the weather was different, and the language was unknown.

Little girl, being a lone child, was not at all happy with the move and was treated as somewhat of a foreign anomaly, awed at but excluded from the other kids at the Third World school.

Anyway, at some point little girl decided to use her status as an advantage and tried to create a cult following for herself. She had learned that some fellow classmates were interested in the dark arts, and considering herself a bit of an expert thanks to The Craft, she led them to believe that she was a witch who had learned her crafts from the strange and magical land of Mexico.

Little girl would walk around in an emo / goth state, stare into nothing-ness as if nothing-ness is talking back at her, and stare into her palm, rubbing it with the finger of her other hand, making it out to be her own personal foresee crystal. She hinted at having black cats, connections in Mexico, and magical beads and spells.

She managed to get one or two followers who each came with their own chamchas .. it brought her a status of awe, and following. Exactly how she wanted. This fan movement went on for a long long long time. However in the end, exhausted with the task of proving herself, the little girl said that her MaMa Mexico gave her orders that prevented her from speaking of The Craft. If former mentioned fan movement were sincere in their believes and wants, surely The Craft will accept them and give them the gift also. But it required a lot of dedication.

Yes, the little girl had some attention seeking issues. But people were stupid and gullible, and so she had a right to make a fool out of fools. Little girl was lucky that the Third World did not have good reliable internet / electricity, nor people who would question her.

For legibility, the little girl also researched on magic spells, and tried to do a few. But most were lengthy and the little girl was lazy, wanted results ASAP and could not stay on the Third World internet for too long, since it engaged and created awkward noises on the dial-up telephone.

The End.

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