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A gift .. for ME?
Monday, August 08, 2011 | 10:00 pm | Comment ⇢
Well well xD

Don't I feel special .. you see, I just got a lovely gift from Naseeruddin Shah :D a blog award! Yay :D my homegirl NiO got one too :D

You can read all about the nice things Nas said about me, which I haven't even paid him for, here.

Ah, so .. well THANK YOU :)

And I promise to keep up the bog entertainment (lols)

But other than him, I'd also like to thank YOU. Yeah, you. I'm talking to YOU ... right now. Okay, I'll stop with the creepy breaking of the forth wall .. a huge thank you to my lovely readers online :)

I've been blogging for a long time .. with distinctive constipationesque breaks where I don't post for a year :O but this has slowly changed (I hope!) to more regular thought dumping, and the reason is because of you guys. So really, thank you so so so much for taking the time and reading about my rants and triumphs :)

I check out every single one of your blogs and subscribe back :) it might not show up since I don't use Google Connect / Blog Follow .. but I promise you, I'm watching your every.single.word ;)

OT: sometimes you guys post something, and maybe later delete it .. or make it private or something .. but I can still read your posts on Google Reader o.O just thought you should know .. cos you know, me, I'm a harmless stalker .. but some people out there :O

Anyway as I was saying, getting feedback from people who don't know the whole story has been great :) and its also eye-opening to get a different perspective so thank you :)

YOU guys make the blogosphere a COMMUNITY. Keep it up, you guys rock :D

Its also been great checking out a bit (a whole lotta bit) of YOUR mind too .. and a lot of the changes that I've recently been striving to make, is all thanks to you. Your strength, determination, tribulations, happiness, etc, etc, etc .. well its humbling :)

And ... STOP. I'll stop with all the gushing and what not .. so now YOU can speak. My silent readers .. are you there???

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