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Random Tidbit #2
Tuesday, August 09, 2011 | 11:55 pm | Comment ⇢
Once upon a time, way back before people started getting obsessed with all things vamp, there was a little girl who went back to her mother-land at the age of around 10 or so.

This was the time when Pokemon cards were on the rise, and this girl was the proud owner of several Pokemon decks, games and posters. She was a lone child and was used to entertaining herself.

One evening, her mother had gone off somewhere with someone, and the girl was enjoying herself while her father went around his business. She was just getting into the spirit of things, playing with her Erika Trainer deck when she was interrupted with the rude shrill of the door bell.

She ran towards the door, annoyed at whoever cut into her playtime and anxious to teach them a lesson or two. Her father opened the door and she was greeted by a old man, around her father's age and a little tubby boy a few years younger than her at around 7 years or so.

Like a cat on a hot tin roof, the girl got defensive and territorial and tried to contain her urge to urinate on these intruders (not really .. as in she didn't really want to urinate on them, but she felt pretty annoyed and territorial either way).

Some words were exchanged, much of it forgotten by the little girl today. However, like adults tended to do, the little girl was sent to her room with the even littler boy, expected to play and have fun together due to similar (?!?!) ages.

Now of course with it being the time where Pokemon was on the rise, the littler boy jumped at the little girl's posters and toys and cards and games, much to the annoyance of the little girl. The littler boy tried to dominate and emphasize his power since he was her guest and a boy, before trying to monopolize the control of the games, ignoring the little girl huffing and puffing on the side.

At some point, the men, misjudging the situation at hand as always, assumed that the kidlings were getting along just great and announced their departure to go to wherever old men went.

Little girl, already frustrated with the evening, had a spark of evil plan go off in her head, and she fabricated revenge while sweetly smiling at the older men and littler boy.

After the departure of the old men, little girl smiled dangerously at littler boy and demanded he give up the throne of games master that he wrongfully claimed, and that he go back to his place of insignificant observer while little girl continued to play her game.

Littler boy scoffed at his, fearless at the face of little girl, and continued to play, disregarding her threats.

Such arrogance! How dare he!

Little girl's idea of fun revenge turned sour with anger at littler boy's putting down her status. She sternly told him to give back her stuff, or that she would avenge him for his wrong doings.

Littler boy, slightly amused, was curious. But not yet scared. He challenged her without budging.

Little girl narrowed her eyes at littler boy, and in a cold whisper she conveyed her dark secret. She was a vampire, a creature of the night, and if littler boy did not obey her command, she would be forced to bite him, suck his blood and make him submit to her.

Littler boy, like other littler kids, did not take matters of the supernatural lightly. However he did not want to back down to little girl and lose his opportunity to play with the limited edition Erika Pokemon cards. He said that little girl had no proof and was bluffing, trying to hide his growing unease.

Little girl smiled evilly at littler boy, planning on using a trick she had learned from someone at some point. She said she will show mercy, and display her powers on her arm before moving on to littler boy.

She brought her arm to her mouth, and started sucking on the skin. She needed to bring blood to the surface, so that the area looked pink and bruised. She wanted to play with her cards, and she wanted to play fast, so she suckled her arm harder than she had ever before.

When she thought enough time had passed, she moved her arm from her mouth and while looking at the littler boy, she showed him her skills. Look here, I am hungry still. I think I'll have a bite of you, what do you think???

Littler boy's eyes popped out and he sprang up in fear, running outside little girl's room and locking himself inside the bathroom.

Little girl smiled at herself, her plan fulfilled. She flipped her arm around to clean up her spit and gasped. Along with the bruising, there was little bits of blood seeping out of little pores in her arm. Blood she had never seen come before.

Afraid of being all alone, and afraid that a vamp had actually possessed her, she ran to the toilet and banged on the door, urging littler boy to come out. She did not want to be alone in the big bad house, and littler boy did not want to come out to the big bad hungry vamp girl and there was a predicament. The banging continued while littler boy kept sobbing in fear inside the bathroom.

A lot of time had passed, or a little. The bleeding stopped but little girl was still afraid, while littler boy, also afraid, was locked up in the bathroom.

At some point, the adults came back, this time with her mother in the company. The little girl sighed in relief, while littler boy quickly ran to his father, not daring to say anything.

That night, little girl slept with her parents.

The End.

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