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Friday, August 05, 2011 | 3:53 pm | Comment ⇢
I love Asian street food. While Bangladesh does not have the variety available in India, I still love Bengali street food, and Indian street food. Mum always stops me over fears of diarrhoea, but I shove her aside (gently) and eat it anyway (secretly by induced coddling from my auntie) .. and let me tell you, the ring of fire is worth it every single time.

And my favourites? India may have pani puris (or gol guppas if you like) and bhel (which is really really nice) .. I personally prefer Bangladesh's take on them in terms of futchka (my TOP fave food in the world, I swear!) and chanachur. Yummy :) but some stuff that India has that Bangladesh doesn't .. things I love, such as nimbu ka paani (lemon water), one of the nicest most chilled and cheap drinks I've had, pav bhaji and papri chaat. Nomnom :)

But you know what I'm not liking? Pretentious betches who think they are too posh to go have street food in the streets. Yes, thats right. They have restaurants where they serve 'street' food. Bruv .. its not street food if its not from the streets! Pfft. Futchka in a restaurant? No thanks. It needs to be done in the streets.

That being said, because I suffer from migraines under the sun, when I went to Bangladesh a couple of years ago, I wasn't able to go out during the day. Now, chanachur walas are only out in the streets during the day, and while people got me some chanachur, it went all soft by the time they got it made and brought it up to the flat. So my beloved aunt got a chanachur wala from the streets, and made him come up to our flat to feed me fresh chanachur :D lols, his stand wouldn't fit on the lift so they made this guy carry it by hand all the way to the top by stairs. I think that was such a lovely gesture :D I'd rather have those little thoughtful things than expensive gifts :)

Unless they are expensive lenses. HELLO ;)

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