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Random Tidbit #4
Wednesday, December 28, 2011 | 7:51 pm | Comment ⇢
Once upon a Third World, there was a little lone girl who developed an obsession with all things supernatural to entertain herself, as evident from accounts of her adventures in lil-bee’s RT#1 & RT#2. Many a head doctor had little girl left quizzical about the nature of these adventures and the now old little girl could not tell them, or anyone that asked, the reasoning behind these events. There is a simple answer, as with most questions, but the complex people seldom accepted anything but complex answers. Perhaps little girl went on these adventures because she could .. because they entertained her and left her chuckling to her little lone self than other forms of entertainment .. because she had a right to make a fool out of fools, and enjoy herself while doing it.

Little girl was less little but not too old, and enrolled in "an International School when she moved was ambushed into the Third World because it had followed the same curriculum as her school back in The States" (lil-bee, 2011). The school however, was in a different area from where she lived, quite a way from the city, and so she had to take the bus to school with the many other children around the area. The buses were divided up with each bus housing pupils from the same year and different forms, and it was during one such journey that the little girl had an adventurous journey of her own.

The little girl got into some kind of argument, a little vis-a-vis with another little girl sitting across her near the back of a bus that somewhat looked like this. She cannot remember if she was retaliating, or simply toying with the other little girl due to boredom .. but she does remember how the actual psychological torture beef went down. Using the vampire-on-arm trick that she learned from who knows where (RE: RT#2), she remembers winding up the other little girl, threatening to come to her house in the middle of the night and eating up her family. This was met with cries of NAA! and the sobbing of actual tears, much to the amusement of little girl .. but what was most fascinating was the other little girl crying the hardest when her nanny was threatened. In fact, little girl remembers that the other little girl pleaded with little girl, and picked her nanny over her parents and thus little girl uncovered the nanny vs mommy debacle years before child psychologists.

Anyway, the showdown ended when the bus reached its stop and little girl spared the other little girl one final sneer and warning: "be careful tonight ;)", before hopping off to see her mother.
Ironically, a few years down the line, the other not-so-little girl, who would often fall into a deep sleep on the bus, was seen to be sitting next to our prodigy, little girl, who also was not so little anymore, quite a few times ... once even falling asleep on the very shoulder of our little vamp. Sheep love wolf anyone?

The End.

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