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Monday, December 26, 2011 | 3:59 am | Comment ⇢
Happy Holiday kids :D

Nomnom photographs to follow :)

Plus I've got some posts planned for the New Year .. make up, and other pretty little things .. swatches and what not :)

PLUS some sorta exciting news about lil-bee's RQs (random questions) ... because I've had a guest question request! So if you have something you'd like to ask the world, stay tuned .. though really, don't hold your breath .. as you may have noticed from RQ#1, you won't really get the best of responses :P *gasp shock* .. people seem to not take my questions seriously :(

Anyhoo ... HAPPY HOLIDAYS :D :D :D

Aye aye aye ... I'm WAY too hyped up .. probably cos I ate so much turkey, I'M the one stuffed atm .. and so I can't sleep!

Also, I was watching Happy Feet earlier (zomg I love animated stuff) and how awesome & funny are latino penguins??? GIVE ME FIN <3


*smooches screen*


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