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Doings the things you plan to do
Monday, October 29, 2012 | 10:38 pm | Comment ⇢
1. I am a SUPERB planner. Seriously, my plans and organisation skills are top class to the point of being neurotic almost (I had a fit at this new guy in front of 50 other new people for this Freshers Trip I organised because he touched my list and kind of tore it :O).

2. As GREAT as I am in planning bits and bobs of mine (and everyone else's) lives, I am equally as bad at executing said plans. Well .. not in terms of organising an event I suppose, but more in terms of making plans (esp to study) and then not actually following my plans.

3. When miraculous plans DO get followed, with the expected results = HAPPY TIMES :) so I'll have to work extra hard now to work at executing my plan, work and health wise!

ANYHOO ... I stopped by to say this:

I hope ya'll had a lovely Eid inshAllah :)

Thank you Nas for the lovely Eid email :) I read it on my phone, hence the lack of reply :O

I had an AMAZING Eid :) well first day was normal level of good (I met a guy and had an epiphany .. which I may, or may not, get to in another post) but second day knocked it out of the park! I went to see Muse, my favourite band in the whole world (tied with Linkin Park), for the third time ever .. and it was great :D like really REALLY great. Esp because I queued up for ages and got really close to the barriers and saw the loves of my life (Matt, Chris and Dom) up close :D

Its funny though, I remember back in this post how worried I was about being a hijabi and going gigging (I've been a 'hijabi' for more than a year or so now) .. and even on the day I was kind of nervous but this all vanished when Muse came on stage :D I was clearly the only hijabi (standing anyway) and a few people looked at me a bit weird lol but it was fine, Muse crowd are usually very nice and mature, and my hijab stayed on despite the moshing and jumping around, thanks to my cousin who was standing behind me and fixing it whenever it came a bit loose :P

Thats enough fun to last me a while (as I reminisce while listening to them on my headphones) .. so on to the work! 

On Tuesday, October 30, 2012, Blogger Nas wrote:

⇢ Hello!
Whatever you have planned, I hope you actually manage to execute them with a guillotine (sp?), an axe would be alright too I guess.

You must have a crap phone if it doesn't let you reply to emails. :P.

Ooooh, another guy tale? Do share!

All the best with the health shelth, work (what rhymes with work?).

Stay smiling you.

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