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Wednesday, September 04, 2013 | 2:49 am | Comment ⇢
So I cried to Allah swt last night, woke up this morning and received an email I wasn't likely to receive till next week, telling me they accepted my medical certificates and approved my extension. Alhamdullilah x infinity.

Queue feelings of extreme gratefulness and guilt. I can't count the number of times He has visibly had my back, I mean ALWAYS Alhamdullilah and I feel so guilty because its not fair and I really don't deserve it :( My life would literally be NOTHING without Him, and yet why do I fail in trying to do everything and anything for Him when I literally owe him every breath?


InshAllah one day I can climb even one step of the infinite steps of giving back and feel a bit more deserving of His countless blessings on me :( inshAllah one day I can be the human being I can truly have reason to be happy of being. Ameen! 

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