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Google Friend Connect is NOT leaving us.
Saturday, June 29, 2013 | 2:16 pm | Comment ⇢

I've had this GFC panic post pop up in legions and legions of blogs for the last few months since Google announced they were retiring Google Reader. Guys, GFC and Reader are TWO different things. Seriously, jam your hype. They aren't shutting it down (yet) so stop getting your panties in a bunch. GFC is connected with Blogger, which automatically shows up on Reader. That does not mean No Reader ≠ No GFC because that would only happen if Blogger shut down.

Its like when everyone went crazy when Google shut down Feedburner's API and they started to predict it was a step away from full closure. Feedburner is still up. Thats not to say these things won't eventually shut down, or be replaced by G+, etc. But if that happens, a company like Google won't just do it overnight (I hope) and we'll get plenty of warning.

Seriously. Stop freaking out all over my feed. 

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