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Friday, June 28, 2013 | 2:14 pm | Comment ⇢
I mentioned this before, but I get super over-ambitious when doing dissertation reading and keep on adding ideas and sections which I realistically will have no space and/or time to include in my dissertation. But I just can't help myself .. I just really am shit at summarising and cutting things off because EVERYTHING has a meaning. I just don't get how someone can make a decision about what is and what isn't important because EVERYTHING IS! Gosh, I feel like thats really arrogant and amateur to just decide hey I'm not going to do this because it isn't important enough. I suppose all academics have a certain level of arrogance though .. maybe thats needed even. I mean of course you need to give importance to one over another otherwise all your work would be .. basic? I don't know man, maybe I'm just too passionate about everything (fickle?). Maybe I'm projecting that picking one over another automatically means you place more importance and disregard other factors when in reality you're just pursuing certain avenues while being aware that you cannot look at other factors but making note of their importance.

Anyway, the other day I sat up, a bit frustrated, trying to get some data for my variables. While I haven't got as much variation and specifics as I had hoped for, in the end I got some things so its a start. I just need to be able to write up two draft sections in the next 10 days and show my supervisor ... I'm not really worried about 1 of the sections (its just theory work and getting the right theories in) but am concerned about the data / specifics section.

Plus, noting down every darn idea and avenue isn't helping .. but I feel like I could utilise them (and maybe want to) for my PhD thesis, which being 100'000 words, will have the space needed to cover all the different parts of the whole. 

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