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Tuesday, June 04, 2013 | 3:28 am | Comment ⇢
I really hate authors sometimes. Because when they aren't being amazing, they have a streak of power-hungry asshole-ness where they go fuck you I'm the boss to their fans & do whatever the hell they like to the characters owned not only by them, but by the hearts of all the readers who grew a firm place for them in their hearts. I fully believe that most authors do this to fuck with us. And we're left there, feeling stripped and raw & thinking .. how could you?!

Mostly applies to postmodern / realist bullshit writers who end things without endings or if they do, they aren't happy. I like immersing myself in fiction & I except a guilty pleasure at the end of it, not feelings of rawness and hurt over the realistic course of life. But I'm used to their BS now. When I read them, I do it with a certain amount of distance and disconnect .. or try to anyway (seriously, like Murakami, he's so good that even when I KNOW what he's like & keep trying to be prepared for it, he gets me every time).

But there are certain writers I don't expect this stabbing from. Such as fantasy writers. There is a certain wow with that genre you know? A dream like state .. then how can you go & ruin that dream?

I'm not stupidly optimistic & naive. Tragedy builds character I know. I mean, I even get annoyed when its all happy-happy with no substance. But there has to be a line c'mon. When Tolkien kills, he does it tastefully, where you feel like he himself felt pain at the passing of Boromir & Gandalf*. And he never crosses the line & brings Gandalf back & everything is relatively happy. Its a BALANCE.

And then you've got R.R. Martin, being a sadistic bastard & ... I can't even put it to words what he has done. I have all the books and I feel like burning them after what happened in tonight's episode (I've decided to hold off the reading to watch the series). The most biggest WHAT THE FUCK moment from Game of Thrones. I am shocked, speechless, pissed off & upset!!!

And when I say pissed off, I mean PISSED OFF. To the extent where I want to abandon it all together. I get angry and I get upset .. and this manipulative bastard is the reason for all this negativity.

I feel utterly betrayed & torn.


On Tuesday, June 04, 2013, Blogger Ghadeer wrote:

⇢ It's not fair how much power they have over our poor vulnerable souls.

One of the most disappointing moments in my life was when I met the author of 'The God of Small Things' (which is one of my favourites) and she turned out to be anti-climax.

On Tuesday, June 04, 2013, Blogger lil-bee wrote:

⇢ Man, I feel your pain. I spent a lot of my undergrad years hyping up this guy I kept reading, he was Bengali & everyone would go on about him. When I had a chance to take his lectures .. yeah he had more oomph in his words and was kind of not very nice :O

But he was a academic author so I didn't feel too disappointed. I have a intense love-hate relationship with most authors (I suppose the really good ones are the ones who can and do play with your emotions .. but not too much!) so I've decided not to meet anyone ever :P

PS - still jealous you got to meet Roy, but would never have pegged her as anti-social! I need to read that book again, I think I read it back when my brain wasn't at that level for processing everything fully!

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