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Thursday, May 30, 2013 | 10:49 pm | Comment ⇢
This is what I've been doing since my exams finished more than a week ago. Depending on your definition of doing things.

This is what I need to do:

- Clean my room. It is a HUGE dump. But I'm reluctant in getting started because I'm a OCD perfectionist and like clean my room once a year or something and then maintain that. Actually, the last time I cleaned, I did a real good job so all I've had to do was quick maintenance. But I'm also a slob, because of the perfectionist, I think hey this room is dirty and I can't just quick fix, so I let it accumulate and so now its a dump. But I don't want to get started because it will take forever. Moving things, cleaning them, rearranging them, getting rid of books, long things.

- Actually, thinking about it, all the reorganisation and moving things around, the recycling and the reselling and the regifting and all that jazz kind of falls under room cleaning (seriously, its a BIG thorough job).

- Organise, plan and execute my dissertation. I need to have it roughly done and complete by 10th July. I'll have the entire months of July and August to do cosmetic changes before handing it in early September. But yeah, lazing. Cos I swear I have ADD.

- Sort out photographs from the last 3 - 4 years. Or something like that. I'm like super trigger happy so this is literally thousands of photographs. Plus I can't just upload them, the designer / photographer / nerd in me needs to process them through Lightroom first. LONG. And don't even get me started on actual photography stuff from my Flickr. Though I am excited about posting up my new stuff (3 new lens, one of which includes MACRO bitch what), I am also nervous because holy moly the people I follow (okay all / most professional photogs) ARE SO GOOD.

- Read and hear religious lectures, books, etc. Ramadan prep so I can maximise the experience (and feel less ashamed to keep asking for countless stuff that He totally delivers, without doing anything to feel even remotely deserving of it).

- Learn to cook. Like serious learning. And bake more.

- Exercise, sort out my diet (more healthy shit) and lose weight. Yeah these two are oxymoron plans.

- Start taking care of myself, in health, spirituality & social life. Because holy moly, I haven't seen a lot of people in AGES.

- Start writing up the million half written things I've got planned for my blogs, my stories, etc.

- Read more academic stuff. Which I only feel like reading when I need to be reading other academic stuff for actual credited work.

This is what I've been doing instead:

- Completely messing up my sleeping pattern (horrid for the migraine) and walking around like a tired non productive zombie.

- I DID sort out some pictures. Like 500 out of literally 18'000. Shit.

- On that front, I did exercise like a crazy motherchucker the other day. Because people were annoying me and I was like PISSED OFF. Anger is a great motivation technique. I just imagined people's heads under my feet while I cruised on the lateral thigh trainer, high speed! I've never done it so hard and for so long before. Yeah, I have issues.

- Tried to catch up on my TV shows that I've kind of lagged behind for the last 4 years. Okay, I watched TV, but only a few shows, not all the ones I follow. So I have a lot to catch up on.

- While watching shows, I've wasted time researching random shit they show. For interest. And for suspicion. I think I might have Borderline Personality Disorder. Well, I know I have hypochondria so thats not really a surprise. *

- I read and finished two books. Nothing academic or worth screaming about though. Guilty pleasures. That are messing up my eyes.

- And a whole lot of nothing. I haven't even played games, or enjoyed life. I'm just ... man, so tired and lazy. I cancelled on a bunch of people and only went out one.

- OH WAIT. I totally forgot! I went to two awesome lectures at LSE (ew). One for my all time academic love of my life, Dr Chang (and it was chaired by the amazing Dr Wade. Double whammy). Another for a great man from my nation, Dr Yunus.

- AND I went to see my all time favorite band, Muse, for the 4th time :) they keep getting better and better, I swear :) My hijab stayed in place, despite the intense head banging and moshing, I got to stand at the barrier = clear view ... AND ... I touched Matt Bellamy's amazingly talented hand (and his mic, so by proxy his mouth).

- Oh, I also had some experiences with a few crazy people and got into a semi-argument, defending capitalism (and Dr Yunus), to a kind of good friend of mine. But we're cool. It was intense though haha. I felt like hitting her LOL. Yeah I'm a violent person (BPD*) and I don't like people disagreeing or trying to prove me wrong haha.

- Also, I've decided to reply to everyone and everything I disagree with using a Northern accent and this line: You know nothin Jon Snow (and of course, the accompanying scowl).

- I need to remember to do these posts and reply to people's messages. I swear, I don't know how I have friends because I am so worthless at responses :O

* Random, but I got a letter from UCL telling me I missed my appointment so they are discharging me. What the what? They already discharged me, months ago & I never got re-referred by my GP so I'm like say whaaaa? So I need to also call them and find out whats happening.

PS: I was going to write something after this post but my womb's decided it wants to play dodge ball with itself so yeah. Totally lost all coherent thoughts.



On Tuesday, June 04, 2013, Blogger Anisah Khan wrote:

⇢ Wowww I'm stealing your list of things to do. I hate that I need to prep for Ramadan! It makes it seem as though I lost all the good habits attained last year. It's a good feeling though, getting back into the zone.
Photographs. Yes.

On Tuesday, June 04, 2013, Blogger lil-bee wrote:

⇢ I know the feeling man :( Ramadan the year before last was great, full of feeling and gusto but last year I felt like I wasn't getting the full amount of faith-energizer to pump me up :( but yeah inshAllah, Ramadan prep with lots of books and lectures :D it feels great to get back up on the horse!

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