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Saturday, May 25, 2013 | 7:12 pm | Comment ⇢
I swear, my cousin R, is actually the r-word, personified. I swear, he is just a fucking douchebag. Actually socially inept. He's just the biggest asshole I have ever met, ever.

Out of the many asshole things he has done, here's the most recent one:

So my two cousins are going out to get food. I ask the younger one, if he can get my stuff from Shop B instead of Shop A, and he's like yeah cool. Shop B is literally next door to Shop A. While I'm telling him what I want, his douchebag older brother (who is a month younger than me and did I say, the BIGGEST ASSHOLE ON THE PLANET), R, walks by and is all like what?! Why can't you just get something from Sams?! Ughhh. And makes the face.

I want to bitch slap him with my used sanitary pads. Why is he acting like its SUCH a huge trek. He's so fucking annoying. He always says and does the most stupid shit, I swear he's fucked in the head. So am I so I can say these things (basically piss off you politically correct turd-heads).

I swear, I just really really really want to be able to rant and actually punch him one day, when he pushes me too far, and where I can slap him with a sanitary pad (okay, maybe just throw one at him, one that hasn't been used ... and fantasise that its totally a used one while I do it) and say its because he was being a douche to me while I was PMSing.

Once we were at a wedding and I was filming. He was next to me so I said hey, R, can you hold this please? He makes the face and says why should I, its not mine. I snapped at him .. cos seriously, what the fuck?

I feel for his wife son. Unless she's a douche like him too. God knows they exist too.

Fucking people. I miss my horses.

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