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Monday, May 06, 2013 | 2:19 am | Comment ⇢
So my exam is on the 7th. I kind of dossed around these past few days and thus was not able to cover all the topics on time. I've so far written up 4 lecture notes but those only amount to around 1 and a half exam questions I'd be happy and able to answer. So I'm going to be doing an all-nighter (despite telling myself I wasn't going to since it almost killed me the last time) and hopefully be done writing the notes by 10:30 am, 6th of May, inshAllah, before I head off to la-la-land for a quick 3 hour nap. Then I plan to wake up around 2 pm and get to reading, re-reading and rewriting my notes into summaries and essay plans, re-reading again till about 12 pm before heading off to bed for a 8 hour sleep before my exam on the 7th. Please make dua for me, I'm quite stressed about this one! 

On Tuesday, May 07, 2013, Blogger Nas wrote:

⇢ How did it go baj?

On Thursday, May 09, 2013, Blogger lil-bee wrote:

⇢ Hey Nas! See my Twitter timeline for a long answer, but short answer was Alhamdullilah not as bad as I was fearing / expecting. Well I wrote shit anyway haha, hopefully will get marked for it. I decided it would be okay to get a lower mark on this and raise it up through my other modules (which was economics so more my realm while this was political economy = half my realm) inshAllah.

PS - I didn't manage to do an all nighter. I'm too old you see haha. I also couldn't sleep before the exam even though I was trying. Too many nerves. Ugh.

On Friday, May 10, 2013, Blogger monamour wrote:

⇢ Why was I taken aback when I saw Nas' comment? It's been ages bro, since I last saw you active on blogger. And MJ how did the exam go???????? my duas goes to you sweetie xoxo

On Monday, May 13, 2013, Blogger lil-bee wrote:

⇢ So so lol. Hopefully inshAllah good! Won't find out till a while, but I'll have a post up about exam related shenanigans soon (which is in lil-bee terms .. so maybe not so soon).

ONE more left, so keep the duas going! I've also been quite sick .. so need extra duas! xx

On Tuesday, May 14, 2013, Blogger Nas wrote:

⇢ Hello Dr Rufus!

It's always a pleasure. I shall try and post something every now and then.

lol. Your comments section has been hijacked pal.

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