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Too much of a good thing? [Disgusting TMI, be warned].
Friday, April 12, 2013 | 2:33 am | Comment ⇢
Edit: I was really worried about smelling weird, especially when I couldn't smell it myself so how could I protect myself?! I even went around making my family smell my 1-day old dress LOL. I decided to interrogate my mother about why she said I stank and she finally admitted that it wasn't a body-odour issue, just a individual scent issue. You know how we all have an individual scent, it can't really be detected in our person but if someone random comes into your personal space (home), they'll get that distinctive smell of you. Its not always bad smelling, just almost like a territory marking smell on the stuff you own / your area of residence, etc. Usually people who live with you don't detect it cos they're used to it - like when I go to visit my cousins and their rooms smell distinctively like them, not bad but not good/nice either & to them, they can't smell a thing. Anyhow, the detox just meant that this scent intensified and made it more noticeable to my mum. I'm hoping the intensity will die down in a bit while I detox & also that its not as noticeable outside my home, when the environment assaults / numbs whoever is within smelling distance of me.

I've started myself on a detox for a few weeks now. As you guys know (God knows I posted enough about em ha), I have a few random problems with migraines and other ailments such as dry skin, allergies, stomach aches, low energy, cyclic moods, etc. I have a horrible body & diet system, I don't eat healthy and I am super duper unfit. So I'm not surprised that I have all these issues.
During the whole anxiety / migraine issue when I was on a beta-blocker for a while (I've spoken about it numberous times, I'm not gonna link because there's too many links lol), I ended up feeling really frustrated that I'll have to deal with a possible chronic disease my whole life. Thankfully when I finally got off the meds, my cycle somehow broke and I wasn't getting the migraines all the time (Alhamdullilah) and could manage the occasional ones with some drugs / other remedies. However, I did start looking into prevention because my migraines are MUCH more easier to deal with in terms of prevention, rather than cure. Anyhow, I started trying to inhale regularly (I have sinusitis which gives me killer headaches sometimes, esp if I sleep for longer than 9.5 hours!), exercise, get more green, etc. And they did seem to help.
I also wanted to start detoxifying my body because I've done some detox fasts in the past and they left me feeling really good for a while (though sick and disgusting during the fasts) & looked at different things I could take to do this. Garlic for one is really good for this. However, its also super absorbent and smells disgusting! I mean, if you've ever cooked with garlic, you know its a bitch to get rid of and the smell can stay with your hands for WEEKS. And the amount of garlic you'd have to consume for effective detoxing would leave you smelling like a garlic. Not nice. I think some other things do this too, but I just really can't be bothered with healthy foods. Especially when I have exams to study for and essays to do. Changing doesn't do good things for me - my migraines get triggered from sudden diet changes, heck even changing pillows :O so .. no. Then I decided that for me, supplements were the way to go.
I decided to start up on a Vit-B Complex. This has the different kinds of Vit-Bs as well as some Vit-C thrown in and is supposed to help with energy. I can say that since starting this, I have most DEFINITELY noticed a change. Before this, I'd stay groggy and lethargic for ages but this has really cleared up my head.
I've also restarted on beta-carotene. This is converted to Vit-A in the body (which is good for quite a few things) without the danger of taking too much as the case with Vit-A supplements. It can also give you an orange / tanned glow which is an added bonus :D This is what gives fruits and vegetables that bright orange colour and you can get this from carrots (which according to Asian parents can make you SEE in the dark. I kid you not -___-)
Along with that, I've also started taking MSM, which along with the Vit-B, has been one of the best changes I've done for myself. It has VISIBLY started detoxifying me (its an antioxidant). I mean .. its really really good. But this is where we get to the crux of this post (see I am able to get to the point ... eventually). Detoxing too quickly can give you bad effects like nausea, headaches, etc. If your body is really toxic and you start flushing it out, the body goes on overdrive trying to clean everything up and make you feel sick. Its best to start SLOW because otherwise your liver can't process all the toxins at the same time.
Also, when you detox, it can have kind of disgusting effects. Like you can start popping out with acne (impurities of the skin), sweating up a storm, farting all over the place, etc, etc. For me, the acne has been minimal thankfully (since I've already been flushing out my skin), but man ... for someone who doesn't sweat a lot (except in the face when I'm stressed out. Its weird), this is like a new change. I mean, not only am I sweating, this stuff is making my sweat smell extra toxic. And since its cold and I've been layering up, this sweat is getting trapped and making me smell bad, apparently. I mean, I personally can't smell it but I went to hug my mum and she was like ew get away from me. Sheesh, talk about a virtual backhand. I have a sensitive sense of smell and so I'm always worried / paranoid about smelling weird so now I'm extra frustrated. Does this mean I have to shower twice a day instead of just at night?! Does this mean I have to wash my clothes more often?! Does this mean ... me and my clothes and sweat will smell disgusting and that I'll never get hugged again?!
I really hope the smell is from trapped sweat. Since I've never sweated a lot, I can wear the same t-shirt for a week before putting it to wash (I know, I'm sick and filthy) .. but whats the point if it doesn't smell?! Looks like I'll have to now. I'm also worried about smelling like my boy cousin's room. You know when you walk into a boy's room and it has this distinct boy smell (not nice). Ugh. I'm gonna start showering twice a day, using more anti-pers, and changing my clothes more often / wearing cotton stuff. Hopefully that will help.
You know another thing the MSM has done? [FEMALE TALK, LOOK AWAY NOW] It not only made me start my period earlier, it also gave me BLACK blood. I know, thats like totally gross but when I found out what was happening, I was kinda amazed. I mean we have periods for our body to get rid of that hacked up womb, but also for our bodies to be able to get rid of impurities. I mean thats the reason why our beginning / ending blood is darker / browner than peak-period red blood right? So when I first got it, I got excited that my body is getting rid of all these toxins! I know, I'm so weird.
But then ... it got rid of the toxins in another way. [THIS IS THE MOST DISGUSTING THING YOU WILL READ. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY I'M WRITING ABOUT IT BUT WHAT THE HECK. LOOK AWAY NOW IF YOU STILL WANNA MAINTAIN HOW / WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT ME] Okay, lets get straight to the point. I've been shitting a bit more than usual (this is a good thing, whenever I am drinking lots of green tea, it regulates my bowels, my body has multiple movements and I feel GREAT) but more that the movement frequency, I'm kind of worried about the actual movement itself. You see, like the period blood, the toxins have made my shit turn black! I'm not talking black like my hair black, but like black - dark dark tree bark black. Well, I guess thats fine because hey, whose looking at my shit & at least it means the MSM is working right? Well ... like the sweat, the detox is also making itself evident through smell. I mean, all shit smells .. but wow. Thats all I'm going to say.
Also, unrelated to the MSM but still to do with bodily fluids, the Vit-B is giving me bright bright neon/highlighter yellow / green pee LOL. I mean initially I freaked out but thats all the excess Vit-B your body doesn't need :P
Man, I really hope my potential future husband doesn't read this disgusting TMI filled post. But I'm hoping that by the time I get married, I'd have gotten rid of all the toxins in my body (seriously how much toxins do I have, sheesh) and so any MSM continuation from there on would just be regulatory and nothing quite as drastic.
Just wanted to share this because its helped my health .. but guess you could have too much of a good thing / negative side effects :P 

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