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Friday, April 12, 2013 | 2:43 am | Comment ⇢
I was gonna post this on the last post, but that has gross content that I'm thinking most people will stop reading ASAP. So I thought let me do a new post.

1. I know I joke about my hypochondria, since I don't really have it. But this is one 'quirky' habit I need to seriously keep in check. You see some medical dramas making fun of this too (Scrubs) but this really can quickly develop into a very serious psychological disease (and has been linked with OCD behaviour) that makes every live hell as you spend fearing you're getting sick. Which is why, I will try and seriously stop myself from spending too long (at all?!) on this site - [I was reading it earlier and now I'm freaking out about unseen germs].

2. I know I speak about my migraines a lot and believe me when I say its not as serious as the case for many people unfortunately. I still think that awareness for migraines isn't wide spread and a lot of people think its just a headache when its so much more. In fact if you look at some of the migraine medicines doctors prescribe, they are related to regulating brain signals / functions (such as anti-epileptics; migraines have been linked with epilepsy) so it really isn't something to dismiss. Anyway, when I was going through that rough patch, I started reading up (as I do) and this one blog has been an AMAZING (and entertaining!) source of resource lol. Its very informative, but not at all boring, and I think everyone NEEDS to go read it NOW! Whether you are suffering from migraines yourself, or know someone who does, or even want general awareness (which is def needed, let me tell you!), seriously just have a look at this blog, and I promise you, you won't regret it -

And thats it for now :D 

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